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  1. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    Of course it does. We've done testing on this topic. While the AI gets the general direction the shooter is at if you fire at them with super sonic rounds, they don't if you use subsonic. However with Subsonic the damage and range is greatly reduced.
  2. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    How intrested are you guys in a mod that brings in subsonic ammo for all the rifles? Will it be worth the work or not? We as Tier1 don't particulary need it at this moment since for subsonic we can just use the Vermin .45 and the new FN .45 pistol.
  3. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    Well in fact the rounds do create a sonic crack when shot trough the mods suppressors. Alltough you can only hear it when the bullet is shot at you. We've done some more testing yesterday. AI 300m away will react to incoming super sonic rounds and roughly estimate where the shooters position is, but won't know exactly where he is. So that's the diffrence between suppressed or not. Kinda realistic, isn't it? For .45 (The Vermin for example) the AI does not really know where you are since they don't hear the shot. They go into alerted mode, but won't spot you as good as with suppressed 6.5mm for example. This leads me to the desire to update this mod with subsonic rounds for all calibers. But for that I need real life ballistics which I'm trying to come by at the moment.
  4. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    From what I've heard the surpressors do change the POI because they slightly decrease the muzzle climb that's influencing the round while it travels trough the barrel. But that's about it.
  5. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    I don't see any dangerous part in this. I've published 3 public keys. These keys can't be used to sign any files but only to verify the given signatures. However I see that providing the 2 non addon keys is not needed (beeing lazy there). Every server admin has to check for himself what keys he wants to put on his server. He can either chose to put the tier1pub key on it. Allowing all mods signed with that key (aka the mods we run on our public server) on his server as well. Or he can only allow the mod-specific key, to only allow these mods. Don't mistake the tier1priv key with a private key. That'd then be a .biprivatekey which is not provided in any of the source repositories, and never will. :) The tier1 admins are the only ones who can sign addons with these keys. The keys never leave the box they've been created on. But thanks for caring anyway. :) Nope. Since I don't have good recording equipment nor the weapons and surpressors to record the "real" sounds, I didn't change it. If you have good sounds and you put them under a GPLv3 like license, I'll gladly include them if they're good.
  6. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    Keys and signature files added. You don't have to use all three of them, one will fit. :)
  7. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    I wasn't aware of TMR's addons. But yes, it'll most likley do the same. However I'm a fan of small modular mods rather than bigger ones that do all kinds of stuff in a combined package.
  8. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    Clientside only. I have not included any keys since our community does resign all addons anyway. If you guys want, I'll sign them. That's not true. That is true for old surpressors that use metal mesh or rubber inlets. However in modern suppressors the round does not touch any parts of it at all. If at all you'll see a slight increase of muzzle velocity due to increased barrel length. Thanks mate.
  9. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    Yes. I'm sorry, English is not my native language. That combined with not enough sleep might lead to spelling mistakes. :)
  10. Tier1 Silencer Fix

    Right, maybe it isn't clear enough. Let me try again: A suppressor suppresses (not silences) the shot. Also removes the muzzle flash. This is modeled into the game already. Yes, it does reduce the AI ability to locate the shooter, but that already is done by adding a normal BI suppressor. We don't change that effect on AI. It already is there. However in BI standard config the rounds shot trough a suppressor have done much less damage than without a suppressor. That's not realistic hence we removed the negative effect with this mod. In real life suppressors do not affect rounds in a negative way. What BI did was to "simulate" for subsonic ammo. However that's not realistic at all. Maybe you are looking for suppressors or silencers that are really silent (like the MP5SD). These weapons also use subsonic ammo (below 330m/s). However with that kind of ammo you'll also have a huge impact on range (lower muzzle velocity for the same round/weight) and penetration power. That's why for example a silenced AWS only has an effective range of about 300m (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accuracy_International_Arctic_Warfare#AWS_.28Arctic_Warfare_Suppressed.29) instead of the common 800-1000m of 7.62 Nato. That'll obviously effect other subsonic ammo as well. Then suddenly a 6.5mm MX only has an effective range of 200m (guessed now). That's not really far, but is a tradeoff you'll have to make between power and noise. The mod will be expanded by special subsonic ammo soon with the known tradeoffs. That's better? :)
  11. Since BI standard config for the silencers/suppressors dumb them down quite heavily, we have decided to do something against it since it is nowhere realistic. tl;dr: These Suppressors overwrite the standard BI config. Supressors do not influence bullet balistics. Therefore the rounds do exactly the same damage as without a suppressor. However the suppressor muffles the sound, making it harder for the AI to hear you. Also it reduces the muzzle flash making it harder for them to see you. This mod removes the damage penalty from BI Suppressors. The BI default suppressors change the velocity and damage to a degree that would possibly simulate subsonic ammo. However for subsonic ammo the values are too good (aka not weak enough). And in addition to that it's unrealistic that if you put a suppressor onto your gun, all ammo magically gets subsonic. :) Modern suppressors do not influence the bullets velocity in a negative way, nor do they require the use of subsonic ammo. A suppressor exactly does what it's supposed to do. It suppresses the sound made by the gunshot and suppresses the muzzle flash. However it does NOT silence the weapon such as specialized integrated full barrel silencers with subsonic ammo (e.g. MP5SD). This mod will replace the current BI suppressors, so there is no need to change any gear- or mission-scripts. This mod will most likley get updated with special subsonic ammo in the future. We hope you enjoy this little mod. You can download the latest version as well as the sourcecode on Github (https://github.com/tier1ops/t1_silencer_fix/). We invite you to put up featurerequests or bugreports on the Github issue tracker. All code is avaible under the GPLv3. Thanks to the awsome Tier1 Community for years of great games. Thanks to Colundrum and everyone else from the Arma Model Makers Channel for answering my sometimes stupid questions. Thanks to Github for free open source code hosting. All Mod makers should move there and host their code under a clear (maybe free) license. Download now Banshee Tier1 Operations http://tier1ops.eu
  12. Does anyone experience duplicating radios over time? We have the following problem: During a mission, if you have a longrange radio (aka non-343) your radio gets duplicated over time. We couldn't yet determine under what circumstances that happens. This obviously is a problem when using 3 radios on purpose or using the left-/right-ear feature, since a new radio will be set to center on default.
  13. We have had the same problem with diffrent people who didn't have any modifications as well as people with modifications. What is this?
  14. I hate repeating myself. Around 12th of april he announced the change that clients won't be able to run several instances anymore, in effect in the Dev build. That lead to the whole discussion about the headless client not working anymore on Dev as well. That was way before we even saw a dedicated server at all. In no stage it was possible to run several dedicated server exe at the same time and have people beeing able to conenct to both instances since the security fix that was applied to the clients are in there as well and have not yet been taken out. Is that so hard to understand? And yes, a client exe with the -server switch is still just a client exe that falls under the announced limitation.
  15. In fact he did talk about the client limitation of one instance per box and you are wrong. He explicitly talked about the limitation that clients will only be able to be launched once per box in the future (already included into the DEV branch). The discussion at that day (around 12.04.) was mainly about the headless client but obviously also applied to the client launched with the -server switch. He also said, that the upcoming Dedicated Server might have the possibility to act as a headless client. He also said, that the dedicated server will be able to run more than once per machine. The reason is to prevent piracy but also cheating and such. The ability to spawn as much clients as you want in fact has been a security concern. You yourself have been aware of this very fact: And as an answer you got: Also please see http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?153010-The-urgent-debate-about-headless-client-in-A3-(and-HC-general-info)&p=2372140&viewfull=1#post2372140. You actually have been involved in the discussion in the Skype chat and also been active in the forum thread. See above. In fact he told us before it got introduced into the client way before it got introduced into the dedicated server. In fact a lot of people knew about this. It started in the discussion about the HC you've been part of. And? That gives you the right to make unqualified comments and demands? We just recently bought new hardware as well. Our community payed for it and we're running a popular public server for people to enjoy. Does that qualify us for demands? No. We all bought Arma3 and got Alpha access on top of it. Alpha generally means that there is a lot of bugs and changes to be expected. No promisses have been made and in fact it was stated several times, that this is an Alpha, and stuff will not work as expected. So in this case it has been your private choice to buy Arma3 and participate in the Alpha. It has been your private choice to rent an expensive server. But that doesn't entitle you to demands. It entitles you to do testing and give feedback and therefore bring some influence into how the final product may look and behave. That's all. Quite frankly you have been a pain in the ass since you joined that chatroom and as I have been told a pain in the ass in several forums as well. Your "expert" knowledge about the codebase, about BE and all the involved mechanics lead to the point were people told you that you've been wrong several times. Yet you didn't stop to discuss stuff without a foundation, without real knowledge. That's been leading to a lot of annoyed people. The fact that this chatroom is accessible by anyone doesn't mean that the community inside that chatroom has to accept any behavior.