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    ArmA 2 50% off this weekend on Steam.

    I almost bought this off steam but chose the store version thinking that I wouldn't be able to apply the beta patches to the steam version. Can anyone confirm/deny that?
  2. Is this possible? I don't see the individual mission files anywhere. And I didn't see it as an option on the missions screen. The files must be there since the dedicated server is just a base install plus a serve exe. I know I can host it from my regular install. But I wanted to offload the networking and AI workload to a dedicated server. Still a noob here, take it easy on me if I'm missing something obvious.
  3. btutor

    Steps to create a co-op campaign server?

    My nephew & I both just got Arma II to play the coop campaign. We are on opposite sides of the country. He hosts the campaign as described above. It shows up on the GameSpy multiplayer screen. We didn't need to open any router or firewall ports. I join his server and we have progressed through 4 scenarios. But we are now stuck. We have finished the scenario where we take the town (spoiler coming), take the truck ride, and the guy gets shot. The session completes normally. But when he hosts again we are back on the same mission. We have played through twice now. Anybody know why?
  4. I am running that same setup except with an 8600GT. And I have OCed to 2.7. With settings at low I get 30/40fps in the open and 20s in the woods on single player. Multiplayer cuts that all in half which I don't understand. Is the added network processing really taking up enough CPU to cut fps in half? Or are the online games somehow larger or more complex? Anyhow it is still playable and fun with that setup. You won't get all the eye candy but it works.