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  1. This guy i know can spawn ammo crates and vehicles when we play coop missions or campaigns that he hosts on his PC. is there an addon/mod for this? he says he uses the server control or something. its pretty nice to be able to go through bis campaigns on up armored humvees and with ACE weapons and gear. thanks.
  2. MirindoR

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    ive tried with six digits so far, entering first the X axis and then the Y axis. will try with more now but it hasnt been working so far :/ noticed island panther starts numbers like this: 99 100 101 000|001|002|003|004|005|006|007|008|... ---------- Post added at 06:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:44 PM ---------- y axis coords are numbered top to bottom instead of starting from the bottom :/ incredible that icebreakr could screw something up something that basic but there it is.. anyway i tried it now in takistan and it worked, gotta give this more testing, will try on cherna again
  3. MirindoR

    M109A6 Paladin v1.1 (UPDATED)

    i like the originality of the addon however the grids arent working. im updating from sixupdater, its up to date, and yet the cannon points in a completely different direction than the one it should be pointing at. am running ace and oa; tried this on custom and BIS maps. please fix this, and also the external camera in gunner view is somewhat stuck so i cant see anything, id love it to be movable like in commander and driver views so one can see the shell flying off towards the target. by reading the manual and taking a look at how the gun is operated in-game i take it whoever made it used to crew one of these big boys.
  4. do they work with ace tracer mags now?
  5. MirindoR

    ai pilot

    has anyone ever tried gunning in an apache or any other attack helicopter? its impossible. no matter what orders you give them, the pilot will never stop the aircraft in the direction you need to fire, it will fly so low it will crash into the hills more often than not in takistan; if given the command "stop" it will keep going forward at a 45 degree angle regardless, eventually crashing, not giving you a chance to shoot anything because the ground beneath you is zooming past at 150 km/h, they will not stay still even if i put this disableai "move" in their initline, then switch to them to take off and position the aircraft, so i can switch back to gunner. even then they will just choose a random direction and start flying and no order makes them stop. even putting auto hover on before switching changes nothing. does bis even play their own games? its distressing to try one stupid mission out for an hour because the ai behaves in a totally retarded manner. im starting to think they mustve gotten it from their creators? like father like son as the sayig goes.. is there any way at all to fix this? maybe an ai mod? thanks in advance
  6. how do i place an actual weapon on the ground instead of an ammo crate? just like when someone dies or drops making it appear on the ground. thanks
  7. MirindoR

    RH M4/M16 Pack ver 1.0 Rearmed

    would be sweet to have these work with ace tracer mags and with peqs for awesome night fights!!!!! we need to revive m4s and m16s they r counting on you rh!
  8. MirindoR

    PMC CAT Afghanistan

    don't like it? don't download it. i wonder, since you mentioned it, is your reputation going to get better by being a dick?
  9. MirindoR

    Incoming tracer fire cannot be seen, why?

    assuming that is true, that is irrelevant. the point here is that the tracers in arma are completely invisible if seen within 90 to 270 degrees from the bore sight, which is quite different.
  10. MirindoR

    WarFX Particles

    yeah thats what ive been trying to do. thanks anyway
  11. MirindoR

    DLC- What do YOU want?

    use a satchel, a claymore, or an m2. could change the models if they bother you
  12. MirindoR

    scope idea

  13. MirindoR

    WarFX Particles

    optical could you answer my pm please? i think youre the only one who can help me, thanks