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  1. doogerie

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I was thinking about the future of ARMA now I know that ARMA focuses and dose very well in modern settings but i was thinking what if ARMA 4 went a diffrent way (Arma 3 has aliens now) so prehaps Arma 4 could go back in time to Vietnam Koria or even WW2 it would be a new way for the series (we should keep the same gameplay) and may bring in new players the have hadly been any WW2 shooters in the last few years (not incuding Call of duty and Battelfield 4) and as a relalistic game it could be really good don't you think?
  2. doogerie

    what is up with the lack of Campagane

    my spelling sucks i meant campaign
  3. I was really looking fowerd to a proper campaign start like in ARMA2 instead we get a few more things in the showcase and that's it come on BI that is not a proper release it's a good demo but not a full release come on sort it out BI
  4. I was playing online last night and I realised I don't know how to switch between running and walking doe anyone know how i can do that? i can sprint just not walk Pleas help?
  5. from what we have so far . what do you thin about the game? personally i think it 's better the ARMA2 but what do you think . I loved ARMA2 but I think Arma 3 will just blow it out of the water. F.Y.I: We need some kind if underwater C4 or something.
  6. doogerie

    Will there be landing craft

    yeah I probly will but i noticed 3 beaches that would be perfect for a dummy run in the misson editor on the south east if the island
  7. I was just wondering will there be any landing craft in the game? I have an idea for a simple multi player mission that will start off with the Americans/ British (if i can find a decent skin) storming a beach then D-day Utah, Omaha ,Sword , Gold and Juno should be an interesting map I will put in some useful cover
  8. doogerie

    this may just be me

    ok fine I didn't know sorry
  9. doogerie

    Err..What is Arma 3? [Dumb Question Alert]

    well ARMA3 is the third in the ARMA series(total shocker). So you got to really ask what is ARMA? ARMA is an accurate recreation of war you can go in all guns blazing but you will not last that long. it's better to make tactical decisions on the fly. in the single player game you will drive tanks fly aircraft and maybe even a few boats. the world is open but there are missions that you must complete within a time frame it's good buy it or id you are atill on the fence get the free version or go on to GOG and get Arma 1 or 2 to try it out
  10. doogerie

    this may just be me

    maby a little too well
  11. doogerie

    Which version will you be buying?

    I have bought the alpha edition
  12. doogerie

    this may just be me

    but doe anyone found that in the diving mission that when you try to get the AA gun you seem to get shot in the back by a invisible enemy also in the infantry mission it seems that the AI can shoot through mountains or they are invisible. is this a problem with the alpha or do I just suck at the game? apart from this small gripe the game rocks
  13. I mean is it worth it for me ? I fly Lock on and Cliffs of Dover and FSX so i was wondering should i add this to my collection too? if yes why? if no why?
  14. doogerie


    Might be a fun thing to have in the game a simpel premice take off go to ahelipad land firt one to do so wins I think this would be a good thing to have in multiplayer
  15. Ok so i downloded the Preview and it Clobbered my version of AO i can't even get in to the game now :mad: I get the error : Error comiling pixel shader PSSSSMSpecularAlpha:1 do you think i will need to re install AO? As I can't even get in to it now.:mad: