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  1. hi, i have some issue and i am a newbie 1. SRS script for JIP player is not enabled so i wrote in init.sqf : []spawn SRS_fnc_init; if (!isServer && isNull player) then { waitUntil {!isNull player}; []spawn SRS_fnc_init; }; with this SRS is enabled for JIP player but i have some lags 2.how respawn with same gear when you dies and hit suicide button ? 3. i have a conflict between SRS and outlw_magRepack script version and no error message shows, i always use magRepack in my missions no conflict with BTC Revive or FAR Revive so i think SRS is the problems. otherwise SRS is good. PS: sorry for my bad english
  2. Powel

    Osp m113

    if you look on my original M113_Bis post on http://forum.armedassault.info/index.php?showtopic=3875 go to last reply and you see xeno426 have fixed this mod , which can be found in this link.
  3. great job Xeno and thank for fixing all bugs can you send me the MLODs please ?
  4. The Lingor units can't carry static weapons only disassemble them.
  5. hi ,how works setVariable and waitUntil getVariable ?, I have two scenes that works I wish I had two scenes that are played one after the other I have currently one scenes works and the second does not start init.sqf _missionScopeGroup = createGroup sideLogic; "Logic" createUnit [[10,10,0], _missionScopeGroup, "BIS_missionScope = this"]; publicVariable "BIS_missionScope"; BIS_missionScope setVariable ["b52Landing1Seq_Done", false]; BIS_missionScope setVariable ["f35show", false]; BIS_b52 = compile preprocessFile "b52_landing1.sqf"; BIS_f35 = compile preprocessFile "f35a.sqf"; nul=[] execVM "meating.sqf"; hint "test go"; f35a.sqf [] Spawn { _targetUnit = f35; _capturedData = Data of reccord.................. [_targetUnit, _capturedData, [bIS_missionScope, "f35show"], true, false] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; [f35b] exec "STblue.sqs"; [f35a] exec "STred.sqs"; [f35] exec "STwhight.sqs"; waitUntil {(BIS_missionScope getVariable "f35show")}; _targetUnit setPos [random 50,random 50,100 + random 100]; _targetUnit setVelocity [0,0,0]; _targetUnit enableSimulation false; _targetUnit hideObject true; }; meating.sqf result = [] call BIS_f35; waitUntil {(BIS_missionScope getVariable "f35show")}; result = [] call BIS_b52; b52_landing1.sqf [] Spawn { _targetUnit = b52; _capturedData = [[10,[5553.03,8809.94,518.416],[-0.526402,0.850006,-0.0197574],.........etc [_targetUnit, _capturedData, [bIS_missionScope, "b52Landing1Seq_Done"], true, false] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlay; waitUntil {(BIS_missionScope getVariable "b52Landing1Seq_Done")}; b52_landing_1_Pilot assignAsDriver _targetUnit; b52_landing_1_Pilot moveInDriver _targetUnit; b52_landing_1_Pilot action ["engineOff", _targetUnit]; }
  6. What is the difference between [R3F] Revive and Revive Script by norrin ? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=74396&highlight=revive
  7. Powel

    STI Stryker Pack

    thanks for this addons,it is really useful against btr90 "Now mod community, please make me some MGS Strykers!" Trracer watch this video :