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  1. Drongo's Toolkit

    Hi, while I wanted to give some feedback on the enitre package, I am going to withhold it for now. There are some issues that need urgent attention - or it is me who is not able to run the demo mission properly. 1.) First, onmapclick does not work properly. I could not pin-point down the error - but shortly after the arrival of the first reinforcements the unit marker selection does not work (click, shift-click and alt-click). 2.) Secondly, russian 'ghost' voices and english commands can be heard all the time. This is very unnerving feature. All in all, the script is a great idea and has great potential, so keep up the good work (: ps Does WGL show errors with 1.99? Does Drongos Toolkit work with 1.99?
  2. Drongo's Toolkit

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to use Drongo's Toolkit to implement a mission with the following characteristics: multiplayer with: BLUEFOR and OPFOR are partly human controlled Multiple human players per side. Optionally OPFOR has one commander, while BLUEFOR has a commander and other human officers. WGL/CoC Artillery/Airsupport Squads/Platoons on each side, accepting orders from respective BLUEFOR/OPFOR commander Cheers!
  3. Operation Matchball

    Due to a request of a player I updated the link of the mission. Thanks to Zulu for storing the file :) Note that Drongo's Toolkit makes this kind of script combinations - UA, DAC and CE - like I used in this mission obsolete now.. I still wonder how many players and units DT can take. Battalion scale with 15 players? (:
  4. Drongo's Toolkit

    Nice one ('; I am just wondering - what is Fwatch used for anyway? The satellite view? Because all the addons like COC-UA and COC-CE as well as Mapfact's DAC were not using it. It would be quite sad if the latest 1.99 would not be supported by Drongo's Toolkit.
  5. Drongo's Toolkit

    A small point, but: Any chance You could provide these two files within Your addon? 131 MB download for two files might be quite a lot.. but I just realized that ECP_DSAI.pbo is 84 MB large.. what is hidden in that file? 700 dpi scans of the soviet attack plan on Europe? (: Cheers, wuschel
  6. Drongo's Toolkit

    Single player and multi player, works with any mod. This looks very, very promising. The questions I have here: 1) Does the AI also call artillery strikes on BLUEFOR units? 2) How is the Automated map population different from DAC? How many BLUEFOR units does it support? DAC had a limit of 256, as far I remember, which limited You to battallion or brigade (tanks) level. IN DAC, every BLUEFOR unit/group leader needed a "DAC-hook", limiting a mission designer to 256 units. 3) Is it possible to save and resume missions? (Back then, this was my main reason to ditch my creation large scale missions.) 5) The 150 MB jukebox music tracks are (hopefully) optional, right? 6) Are any statistic functions implemented e.g. losses on each side, etc.? OPF 1.99 - now all I need is to get a functional Cold War Crisis CD key to check these scripts out. It is the classic: Move from A to B, and discarded my OPFs stuff while throwing useless stuff away. But of course I had to keep my BF2 CD for Project Reality's sake.. bah!
  7. Military Operations

    I was using DMA Libya for a large scale military mission, and it proved to be an excellent choice both from the locations and the map performance. Also, You might want to have a look how I made use of base assets, mission briefing layout and mission design to bring a realistic feeling to the mission. While the mission was featuring combined arms on a battalion scale BLUEFOR, the capture of different points of the map with smaller platoon sized units and the use of artillery support to crack open enemy lines gave the player the feeling of many small encounters. Ah.. the horror :) Moreover, if You have the intent to give the player the most realistic combat experience availible in Operation Flashpoint, then You have little other choice then using WGL. The mission was published at this forum - I believe that it was one of the most complex non-linear missions for this game: Operation Matchball
  8. TacOps Server

    Hey folks! Nice to see You CiAs beeing alive and kicking! (: And great You got that server up, it is a must when You want to keep WGL alive. I am not sure what would be the best way to attract new players to it, though. Currently, I am not able to dedicate much time towards gaming, so it does not look I can get involved in any OPF/WGL activities. I think that a WGL community would be an excellent idea, especially when it comes to the making of realistic PvP missions. My troubles are reinforces by the fact that I am now on backup notebook, with most of my uncritical data, including my old notebook, having received a Viking like burial ceremony. This includes, unfortunatly, many of my CDs and DVDS, including my OPF CD and all my old editing stuff. Quite unbelievable that it happened to me.. would have never expected it! But this is always the case with unexpected things, isnt it? In a way, my hope lies with the Tactical System Command script by Drongo69, that promised to bring multiplayer compatible multi-squad control. Maybe this is still the window of oportunity to mold some PvP multiplayer with larger squad sizes and appriopriate artillery and arial support into a WGL mission. In a way, working on my mission Operation Matchball showed me some of the limits of the OPF engine when it comes to such a scenario, but in a way I have not given up on company sized PvP engagements with 6-10 players. Still, I do find that playing in that battalion size engagement on the Libya cost with having DAC reacting to my movements was quite something. On a sidenote: Project Reality - unfortunatly my notebook has now a weager VGA that can not cope with this - has finally pushed the player numbers to 128 in some tests, producing the milsim dynamics I always wanted to see in a shooter: simulating combined arms in larger tactical group formations with human behaviour. The immersion is really amazing. And as You all know, Project Reality is now coming to ARMA2 as well.. Cheers, wuschel
  9. Tactical Systems - Command

    Hi, has there been any recent developments regarding TSC? Are there any multiplayer human vs human player scenarios availible? Cheers, wuschel
  10. TacOps Server

    Woa. That sounds nice. If it weren't the fact that I am not into cooperative games but rather prefer human team vs human team scenarious with a broader tactical scope, I were in. WGL all the way! Cheers! Piotr
  11. Tactical Systems - Command

    I think the problems arose when playing around with DAC. It is a long time ago, so I am not sure if this is correct and it wasnt an incompatibily issue with CE/DAC and DAS. :)
  12. Hello Blitzen, I think I know what You are trying to make. I also had the same idea to have bombastic scale battles with somehow realistic order of battle and scenario design. I must say that I succeeded in making a scenario which gives You that feeling. In Operation Matchball, You command a USMC battlain against a soviet occupation force in Libya. There is artillery support, Tomahawks, aerial insertion, mechanized infantry, Cobra CAS, and enemy artillery observers (which does not work due to some script compatibility issues). It is overwhelming fun to experience multiple of platoons beeing engaged in a in a large scale counter attack at the same time. Unfortunatly, my timetable did not allow to finish the mission. I introduced some bugs into the first public testing release which I could not correct because of lack of time. I also had a brigade scale mission in the oven. It did not go too well in terms of game performance, for engine limitations kicked in. In some stages of developement, it was very well playable. Feel free to have a look at my work.
  13. Tactical Systems - Command

    Hello Drongo, is there any chance to remove the connection of TSC to DAS? DAS showed a couple of incompatibilities or other large script packages of importance to large scale battlefield destruction.. >) i.e UA and DAC. I dont know about Enemstack or AI on demand here. Cheers!
  14. OFP Addon request thread

    Thank You very much! >)
  15. OFP Addon request thread

    Hello, after a long hiatus it seems that my OPF addon DVD is not readable. Thus, I am still missing a couple of crucial addons, specifically CoC ENEMYSTACK. The WGL website is gone >(