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  1. You dont need Crossroads. Just connect the roads like you did.
  2. Thx for this sweet Tool Neo. You are saving us hours and days with this one:)
  3. Fogu

    Map Lighting

    In your Island config you can define your UTM MapZone and lat/lontitude have you tried it? search for "mapZone"
  4. This is exactly what I need right now, but for some reason your little tool doesn’t work for me. Any hints what I have to install???? Im using Win7 X64
  5. I wonder why no one in here talks about the „roads_poligons“ files inside the roads folder. TB creates them, when I save my roads to shapefiles. And there must be a way to use these poligons shapefiles to smooth roads via script. Or is it just me who don’t have a clue what to do with these files.:o
  6. Fogu

    TB i hate you

    This is Arma:icon_mrgreen:
  7. For some reasons TB exports my roads only to roads_polylines and roads_polygons. Anyone with the same problem????
  8. Fogu

    Roads on Mask

    Maybe it has something to do with the Blue Edge from V3
  9. Yep works fine here. Just DONT use Addon Builder use pboProject. In Addon Builder make sure you included these endings .dbf;.prj;.shp;.shx
  10. hmmm this isnt working for me. When I select the vertices nothing happens.
  11. Thanks for the info, but when I smooth my roads via hand it takes ages to do the job. I am looking more for a “script†solution where I only have to do the fine tuning via hand.
  12. Hey Cyrando take a look @ this Site and follow the first steps. You have to create a little sqs file to see the roads in Buldozer. Has anyone found out how to smooth the Roads via TB ???
  13. for terrain Data check this site and read this Tutorial to get started. Yes its not for a3 but the Globalmapper part(how to extract rl terrain data) is still the same.
  14. Fogu

    Road Painter

    i have used it only to smooth the terrain:)
  15. Fogu

    Road Painter

    Yes but only with All in Arma.