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  1. Could anyone who purchased PMC, please capture some screen shots to show more details on: 1. custom gun attachments 2. Customized character animations for holding weapons based on inverse kinematics (I have no idea what is this?) 3.Tracer rounds 4.vehicle damage Please help people like me still thinking of purchasing PMC. Thank you very much in advance :bounce3:
  2. Hi swissMAG, I met the v1.3.3 and dll in TS3 directory requirement. But I don't have "beta" folder in "Arma2\expansion", do I need to create one and put dsound.dll into it? Thank you very much in advance :)
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    Buggy rocks

    bump/ I died hundred times because of the bunny hopping :(
  4. qhumaf3ke

    "BattlEye Initialization Failed"

    I works for me too! Thank you very much :)