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  1. AntalopeAUT

    what types of DLC would you vote for?

    None, put it all into the main proggie thanks, my 70€ tell you I mean it and am willing to wait a bit longer if need be.
  2. No issues with BE so far, the only noticeable stutter stems most possibly from mods people load that I dont have, which causes permanent config searches and stutters thorugh this I guess.
  3. AntalopeAUT

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    Asking myself the same and hope that maybe someone might be able to answer this . Pretty please with icing on top ?
  4. AntalopeAUT

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    These are some really saxay pieces ! Thanks for the work, guys !
  5. Typically ZEUS, doin´ it like bawses :love: Thanks for this nifty tool !!!
  6. AntalopeAUT

    Make bf4.5

    As far as I know A3 its already BF 6 ... so request doesn´t compute ^^
  7. This ! A WH40K mod would be awesomely glorious. My best wishes to you guys ! For teh Emperawr !!!
  8. Many thanks for the STHud, loved it in A2/OA !
  9. Many thanks for this lovely Island, Fromz, can´t wait to take a walk/flight/boatride around !
  10. Kju, once again I have to bow for all the hard work, love and dedication you pour into enhancing this lovely game. A ton of thanks for all your works so far and upcoming. An avid moduser.
  11. AntalopeAUT

    New DirectX 11.2

    Thanks for the conclusive answer, Dwarden-sama ! By the way, I am again addicted to one of your products (first A2, then A2OA, now A3, where will that end ?), where can I claim support for this addiction as I don´t feel able to work anymore ;)
  12. AntalopeAUT

    When can we begin to critique vehicles??

    Been cruising around in an MV7 Marshal this morning, went uphill to the dangerzone just fine ? Slow? Yes, but I guess that Marshal weighs in about 20 tons or more, so not much surprise for me there. Remember to use "Shift" aka Vehicle Turbo or "E" which is the same. If it´s a bug use the wonderful tracker.
  13. Then they are not enabled server/missionwise, and as stated above people hosting servers for a longer while know why ;)
  14. Dear Developers. I have a quite simple request: Please be so kind to remove the Pilots ability to fire his weapons in any attack helicopter that has a dedicated gunnerseat. Reasoning behind this: It is extremely obnoxious getting shot out of Vehicles or being attacked as Infanterist because some Pilots think it is totally okay cruising around the map and engaging each and everything without any distinction between friend and foe. Furthermore it just shouldnt be possible to fire all weapon systems as Pilot when in flight, because he should be preccupied in the extreme with flying and keeping that thing airborne . Say no to easymode rampaging "pseudo-Pilots" as they really diminish the teamwork factor on most, if not all MP maps. Thanks for all your attention, you can go full flamewar now.
  15. AntalopeAUT

    GTX 580 crash

    Maybe try reinstalling VCRedist from the ArmA3 folder as well, just to be sure if any other game has overwritten it as this was the case for me after first time starting The Witcher and then having serious graphical glitches in A3 that were hitherto unknown to me as the Alpha ran flawlessly so far.
  16. Nice discussion so far, thanks for the input gentlemen. My main gripe is/was mostly the typical "beginner" ArmAholic coming from other games where it is common use to fly solo and ignore any chat directed at one. Good tip about the script ability to check for gunners/the lack of and to disable manual fire mission sided. Sadly I am no admin on any server as I would require people to have the decency to either use TS/VoIP/Chat functions to announce strafing runs or get out of aerial attack vehicles, but many of the aforementioned newcomers seem unable to read or just ignorant of it. Plus: I have given up on educating ignorant people and am absolutely not loathe to ask any admin (if there is one available, otherwise I will try to get people to vote for one, but you know that can be as hard as herding a bunch of wet cats) to remove people that are harmful to their own troops on the ground, but still am helpful to people that ask for things the old-fashioned way. So far, fire safely :)
  17. CPU: Core i5-3570K at 4.0Ghz GPU: Asus GeForce GTX580 DCII 1536mb VRAM. RAM: 8GB (2*4GB) Corsair Dominator @1600mhz HDD1: 500GB WD Caviar Black HDD2: 500GB WD Caviar Black HDD3: 2TB Samsung Spinpoint Mouse: Logitech G9x KeyB: MS X4 Sound: Creative XFi XtremeGamer + Sennheiser PC360 Monitor1: BenQ Xl2420T 24" LCD@ 1920x1080
  18. AntalopeAUT

    Patrol Operations 2

    Hello there ! Just been playing this a few times with 1-3 other guys with ACE on our dedicated Server and some bugs came up. -Missing ammobox for some players at MHQ (ACE) -Missing ACE-menues (ACE) -Horrible Z-fighting when doing the Ammo-Cache Mission in Chernogorsk (might be the Town/Map itself, so most possibly not caused by your mission) -Not being able to reload guns (once with ACE/ another time ACE+SLX) -Missing mousewheel menues (ACE+SLX, again im suspecting SLX being the cause) -Sinking into the ground/ switching from visible to invisible (ACE/ACE+SLX, happened both times) -Not being able to heal wounded/downed comrades (ACE) Server is running ACE/JSRS1.41/some Islands with corresponding Foliage/Units and SLX (although we turned SLX off rather quick, being known as a notorious bug-cause). Mission was setup as following: -MixedNormal -No Civvies -Insurgents -No Airpatrols -ACE Wounds -No 3D except drivers All players had to be synchronized over YomaAddonSync . Nice mission altogether, except the bugs. Hoping for new version functioning better. I wish you best progress and good days. Greetings, Radfahrer
  19. AntalopeAUT

    POLL: leaning system.

    Loads of good ideas... What about this one? Maybe implement leaning system with -ALT/SHIFT/CTRL(whichever) modifier (like free headmovement)to be able to lean in set intervalls (shallow, medium and deep lean) and upon release snaps back to normal movement ? Example: Walk up to corner, hold "Modifierkey", tap E once to shallow lean right, see nothing, tap E again, still see nothing, tap E a third time, see the enemy, then release the "Modifierkey" and instantly snap back to posture before usage of "Modifierkey". So even non-TrackIR users had some form of equivalent of incremental leaning available, even if stepped. Greetings and good hunting, gentlemen.
  20. mea culpa... and thanks ... forum admin ? erase this thread pls, thx
  21. AntalopeAUT

    co30 Domination! One Team

    wrong thread...checked too late
  22. *Bumping* Pls update thread as version is already available. Many thanks in advance and a million thanks to ACRE Team for making shizznit as awesome as is.
  23. AntalopeAUT

    Tier 1-DLC

    Aye, it can be painful and timeconsuming getting everyone hooked up correctly, but in my experience the pain taken is worth it. And by "to be had at any time" i meant they were openly accessible from a variety of places (another reason I like Yoma´s tool so much) and had not to be looked up with timeconsuming forum trackings and download-link searching as it is with other community created content for other games sometimes. Dang, when I started to play Arma2 I was amazed at how well organized the Moddingoutput of the community was...all I had to do was look up a mere 2 to 3 hp´s, get me what I wanted and rock on.
  24. AntalopeAUT

    6 DLC Suggestions (incl. USMC) POLL

    Just to get the next faceplam for my collection ^^ How many new Vehicles, Weaponsystems are there for the RedArmy (and pls no modernized T34/85, T72, or whichever the russians seems to evolve continuously as any army in the world do) ? Su37 is the only one i know of. But i guess there must be more. Would the amount of new weaponsystems allow for whole new content line ? And just to state: im not sick and tired of AKM, PKM, SU25, BMP2 and all that stuff, as some of it it just the bomb (BMP2^^). Furthermore...why not a PLA-Storyline... Or one with the Indian Army (Indias´s got the worlds 3rd biggest army after china and usa i think...right?) ?