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  1. How do I move the "Stockpile Island?" It says you can do it in the manual, but it doesn't say how.
  2. Seeing this bug too. If I dock at the supply hub, I can't unload any of the weapons mounted on the carrier. And if I mount a plasma cannon on the carrier in place of a shell cannon, all that happens is that I waste a plasma cannon. It disappears from the stockpile, but never appears on the carrier. Buggy bug is buggy. You guys really need to implement for the carrier guns the same kind of weapon-switching system that the mantas and walruses have. It's super frustrating to engage the enemy carrier with a shell cannon mounted on your bow, only to have the gunnery AI constantly shoot shells into water with that stupid thing. The ship's gunnery AI can't hit the broadside of a barn at 10 meters with indirect fire. Oh, and shooting the cannon manually is a real pain in the behind, too, because there's no leading indicators or CCIP or fire control solution of any kind for it! You basically have to guess where the shell will land. Well that's just retarded. It's supposed to be a naval artillery piece, not a freaking grenade launcher! There should be at least SOME kind of fire control for it or it's virtually useless!
  3. So don't run out of fuel. I never let my vehicles get down to 50% fuel. That way, they can always* at least get back to the carrier to refuel. If you're about to be down to half your fuel, it's time to get the hell out of dodge. *Some exploding may occur. See enemy forces for details.
  4. I'm trying to play a scenario where my team gets attacked by a Hind. It's a daytime mission, and I've equipped all of them with The FIM-92 Stinger, the M9 for sidearms, and M16 ACOG for rifles. I command them to attack the Hind as soon as I can see it. What do they do? Do they equip the stingers and shot down the chopper? Hell no. They just take pot shots at it with their rifles, thus alerting the Hind to our presence, which then merrily mows us all down with it's rockets and guns. Fucking brilliant. You know what would be great? If I could command a team member to equip a specific weapon, or to attack a target with a specific weapon instead of letting it choose what to use. Because Aparantly US Marines in the ARMA 2 world all think the proper way to shoot down an enemy Hind is with a god-dam M16! Now, normally, attacking a chopper with a rifle is not a bad idea, but the Hind is basically a flying tank; You can flatten rife rounds against it all day long and you'll barley even scratch the paint. The problem is, the AI doesn't seem to know this. I guess I should just be glad they don't all pull out their sidearms and start flattening 9mm ammo against the Hinds.:rage: BI, you need to fix this!
  5. I've noticed that if I occupy a seat in a vehicle and then leave that seat, any order I issue to my team member(s) to "get in" that vehicle in that seat (i.e. "Gunner, get in that BMP") will result in the team member trying to mount the vehicle, and then responding with a "Cannot comply" message and then standing uselessly just beside the vehicle. The gunner seat is empty, I'm in ther driver seat, yet he "Cannot" get in. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Did the Fail Whale visit the BIS coders when they were designing this function? :mad: