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    Windows 7 + arma2

    Recently installed windows 7 and removed vista, found that Arma2 stutters and jerks a lot and made playing Arma2 annoying, so i partitioned my drive and reinstalled Vista 64bit, and Arma 2 is ok again, no problems and nice and smoothe. Wondered if anyone else has had these problems, now ive reverted back to vista all is well again, but im disappointed as i was looking forward to win7 so much and expected great things, anyway appologies if this has been brought up before, if not am interested to know of others experiences with win7 and Arma2. Thanks.
  2. Good stuff, looking excellent mate, cheers.
  3. Excellent work thanks.
  4. Nice work, thanks. These get better and better.
  5. @akd42: Excellent mate.
  6. Chrisgs

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    Ok no worries fellas, just curious if anyone else had this problem, thanks foe replys.
  7. Chrisgs

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    That may be so, but regardless to what anyone says i have no doubt about this, still takes me 4-5 shots as compared to one shot one kill with the m4 or scar, or mabey im just a really bad shot. Anyways no biggy for me now as i use us default more often now, i really like this pack and appreciate all the hard work etc but the fact remains for me. Close range and not a problem at all, mabey i need to zero in a bit better i guess. Whatever the reason great pack and excellent work guys, thanks for reply. Only posted to see if anyone else had this problem, if not then the problem must lie with me.
  8. Nice work, this will be useful, thanks.
  9. Everyone loves a good sound mod, can change the game so much, keep at it sounds great look forward to it.
  10. Chrisgs

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    I expecpt that mabye this has been mentioned but cant find it, why is the L85 so under powered, with us default weapons i can take an enemy down at 200m with one shot, whereas with the L85 your looking at 4-5 shots, seems strange. Guessing others must of noticed this too. Also ive fired many thousands of rounds with the L85 and recoil is minimal imo. Please sort the shot out and give this fine weapon the respect it deserves. Waitng for the BAF release to see how they have modeled things, but love this pack but dont use it too much now because of these faults. Thanks fellas.
  11. Chrisgs

    Swedish Forces Pack

    Good stuff, like the sound too. Radio man and Medic nice work, vehicles too, thanks.
  12. Chrisgs

    P:UKF Weapons Pack.

    Excellent work, thankyou, top quality.
  13. Chrisgs


    Nice one. Will try it out later, should be fun, thanks.
  14. On a brighter note ... Cant wait for this, looks real good and added vehicles too. Any addon and improvement plus continued support from BI is a good thing for all, wether you want the Brit stuff or not. The band wagons just pulled in for a rest so no jumping on now fellas. Thumbs up to BI the more addons the better, now back to my latest Arma 2 CO mission, happy shooting.
  15. Chrisgs

    Ghillies for a change

    Good stuff, thanks.
  16. Chrisgs

    [CAMP] Joint Operations [BAF]

    Sounds like youve put a lot into this, will try it out to night, i already have all the Brit stuff, so look forward to trying it out, thanks.
  17. At long last some top notch Brit's, looks excellent. Along with some quality vehicles too, look forward to this.
  18. Chrisgs

    RH M14 pack 1.0 for OA / CO

    Nice pack, love the M14 + M15, like the shortdot sights too, thanks.
  19. Hey Stalker did ya see my post 3 above your last post, found a way round it.
  20. @ Stalker ... Ive been using combined ops, no problems at all with addons etc and 3 Rifles work a treat. Recently deleted Arma 2 and just added OA, problem showing 3 Rifles as others have said. Then tried adding mods using the excellent SpiritedMachine's ArmA II Game Launcher , and there you go no problems at all with this great addon tool, mabye others would like to use this also, its at Armaholic. Problems solved. Just thought id pass this on.
  21. Chrisgs

    FV432 British APC

    Nice one, cheers.
  22. Nie work, used em many times now, thanks.
  23. Chrisgs

    Island Of Nicosia

    Sounds interesting, will give it a go, thanks.