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  1. Hello) I downloaded the latest version (Group Link 4 Special FX Edition) Version: 1.1.87! After I using this mod! (Domi map) On the map shows icons enemy armored vehicles! :( Now I and all players see enemy armored vehicles! ( Veteran Difficulty) How can I delete these markers? which file is responsible for this? Thanks for any ideas and help! SORRY!!!! No see(( :D:yay: Group Link 4 Special FX Edition How To Disable Enemy A.I. Markers:
  2. Keshman

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    [APS]Gnat Thank you very much for your help. William Thank you for attention to my question.
  3. Keshman

    Su-33 Flanker-D

    Hello) Who knows the classname for Su-33 Flanker-D ? Thanks for any help! :)
  4. Animation replacement its super mod :D Max255[PL] Thank you very much for your help!
  5. Hello) You plan to release a video how to use the buttons on the keyboard?:confused: My English is bad :( and I do not understand where the button MTB :( good people will show it to me? :D Thx. SMK Animations - Stand-to-Wall Features http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMTP7fYnVjc&feature=player_embedded (how to shoot a video for 20 seconds 0.20sec)
  6. Keshman

    RH wip thread

    Hello Robert Hammer and all) I have a question about laser crosshair : In a RH ammunition box have weapons + laser crosshair visible by day ?) I found only one gun (qsz92_laser) old PLA mod :( your arms have laser? West or East or .... (sorry for bad english) Thanks for any answers and links for download weapons+laser crosshair!)
  7. Hello) I have a question :confused: How to explain my soldier AI put explosives and blow it? Map: Old Domiation ACE 2.11 (Chernarus) + NEW LAST ACE :) Thx.
  8. Hello) I am a long time no play ACE and a little behind (( simple question: I put explosives! how to blow up? :confused: Thx.
  9. Keshman

    Lingor Domination

    If I correctly understood your question! You need a file i_client.sqf and then find the line: d_helilift1_types = #ifdef __OWN_SIDE_WEST__then {["HMMWV",........(Add here the name of what you need).... Close and save :) Good luck in the game.
  10. Keshman

    Tracer Effects

    Hi all) I have a little bit strange question :j: How to correctly add the tracer for AA12 (HE) :confused: I added this: class 20Rnd_12mm_AA12 : CA_Magazine tracersEvery = 1; class B_12mm_HE : BulletBase model = "TracersWAR\Data\bullettracer\tracer_red_big"; tracerScale = 0.9; tracerStartTime = 0; tracerEndTime = 4; but no tracers :o added to this system, other weapons and ammunition and everything is working correctly! AA12 (HE) No!(( who knows! correct my text for the tracers! PLZ!
  11. Keshman

    A2WarMod Release

    Hello) I use your A2WarMod ACE Compatible Version! I need this patch? or it only for A2WarMod normal. (sorry for bad english)
  12. Thanks for your help! Now on the server everything works as I want :)
  13. Keshman

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    CarlGustaffa Thanks for the help and your time! never thought that so many things need to disable the crosshair on the server :o my knowledge and English is not so big that would come all this way :o Thanks again!
  14. Keshman

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Sorry! :icon_redface: but you could correct me that the text: (if it's here and it's him!) WeaponCursor=0; // Shows the crosshair for your weapon cadetMode=0; class Missions { class Mission01 { template=co@40_Domination_2_11A2_West_AI_ACE.Chernarus; difficulty = "Veteran"; }; }
  15. Keshman

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    Hello) Tell me please how to disable the CROSS for all players? Map coo40_Domination_2_11A2_West_AI_ACE.Chernarus. Its in description.ext or server.cfg? thanks for any help! :)