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  1. Are you saying that its possible to use the original A.C.E. mod with Arma 2?
  2. For the campaigns folder, you only need to name it "Campaigns" minus the quotes, minus the "@". Campaign"s" There are ammo crates near the hangar, East side of the runway unless I'm mistaken. Make sure you have the latest version of the Campaign as well.
  3. Me too, as a matter of fact, Slickness' campaigns are ALL that I play. To add to that, even though the AI teammates piss me off all the time, I endure the aggravation just because the campaigns and content of those campaigns are so well thought out and executed. When I bought Arma 1, I wasn't aware of the mods and addons. Therefore after maybe a week TOPS, the game was uninstalled and proceeded to become excellent at collecting dust in my bookshelf. It was my first foray into the MilSim world in which I had no urge (or patience for that matter) to learn and change my style of play over from the BF series. Then, a few months ago after getting A2, I went and googled for patches and the like. After doing the search, I ended up with a selection entitled "Armaholic". The rest is history. Your campaigns are the only reason I even play this game bro. Very "Slick-tastic" indeed my good man
  4. I don't enjoy switching either, after several attempts I felt I had no choice. The Ai is so useless for situations involving large groups of enemies, at least for me it is. I like to involve them whenever possible and go to great lengths (and many reverts) to do so. I did however use them very successfully in the mission where you have to destroy the two Anit-Air stations on the coast followed by the airbase. Sometimes (for me) there is no other alternative aside from teamswitching. I would rather teamswitch here and there for difficult circumstances rather then not use the AI at all. During some occasions, dependent upon the map location, there is no possible way to "move order" them to a particular spot. They just won't go to certain spots so I move them to the more desirable positions myself then order them to target/fire. If anyone has any tips on controlling the AI, please, indulge me. Today I finished Sun Devil, Deliberate Force, and Silent Guardian. Absolutely enjoyed the hell out of those missions Sickness!!! Especially the beginning of Sun Devil I believe whilst in the chopper. I must have re-played that part several times just for the hell of it. Don't really wanna beat a dead horse here Slick, but you really out-did yourself man. Your campaigns should be shipped with the game. I am finding myself switching back and forth between the two campaigns and playing them both a little bit almost every day
  5. Understood. Perhaps others could refrain from insisting that mission creators cater to their needs as well.
  6. Waddup Sickness, just givin ya a headsup about the CAS issue. I ended up taking out the aircraft with Satchmos, wasn't that tough actually. I completed the airbase/stronghold mission (BADASS BTW!!!) and when I got to the HALO drop mission, the first thing I checked was to see if in the breifings support tab if CAS was available in the mission. I was disappointed that it was. (not to be taken the wrong way, if it worked for me I wouldn't have thought twice about it) I started the mission anyway and once I reached the ground I tried it to see if it would work and IT DID!!!! Then, I went back to the mission where I was having troubles and once the chopper dropped me off I tested it to see if it would work, AND IT DID!!!! I'm going to replay that mission in particular to see if theres something that I am doing that would disable it during the mission. As I go through the misison, I am going to try and use it before and after every objective I complete. That way, if someone else has the same prob I'll have it figured out. Friggen weird eh? Keep truckin Slick, your missions RocK!
  7. Thanks for the update Sickness, I am having alot of fun playing your stuff. (Aside from my idiotic AI teammates :D)
  8. I did EXACTLY what you said to do Sick. Down to a "T". When I select the communications tab, there is NOTHING there to select. After pressing 0 to request airstrike, I press spacebar, then select Communications, There is no "Request Support" option. If we were to number your pictures 1-5, in picture #4 there is no option. :( Could it be something to do with the mods? Also, after I "request airstrike" the message saying "Support requests available; Tactical Airtstrike (CAS) does not appear in the top right corner of the screen. I've used the CAS ability before in another mission back when I first bought the game. WAIT!!!! I am using the latest Beta Patch, 857 etc... could that be it? I made a back up of my root Arma 2 folder, maybe I should replace my current root folder with the back-up then re-install the required mods for the campaign. I don't know what else it could be man. Thanks for trying to help though bro, I "lol'ed" when I seen the pic tutorial you made :D
  9. Oh, your talking about the launcher you use right? I gotcha. Doesn't it make you feel like this> when everything works?
  10. Heres how I have mine set up horrgakx... -nosplash -mod=@+FPS;@CBA;@F.A.V.mod;@FFAA;@JTD;@LHD;@MercUnits;@panthera;@RHM4;@RHPistol;@SLX;@SOW;@ZGB; You can rename the mods anything you like, I usually just shorten the names so I know what each one is. Didn't mean to just repeat what you said, Psycho, I was posting at the same time you were Also, if you use a launcher, you can have different setups. Each one containing different mods for different missions/campaigns so you don't have 50 different shortcuts
  11. Thanks Sick, I'll give it a go You say Once in the radio, then once in the communications tab, but theres nothing to choose from within the communications tab. I don't understand what I'm missing here bro. What exactly do I do in the Communications tab? Once I open it, theres nothing to choose from inside it. I was thinking... Back when I first tried your first campaign, I remember having in my loadout a weird radio that I've never seen before. In my current loadout for campaign 2, mission 2 that radio is not there. Could that be why nothing is showing up in the communications tab? and if so, what mod introduces that radio to the game? I did re-install all the mods, I may have missed something. After some googling I found out what the radio was called, or at least the acronym for it; SINCGARS is what it was. When I tried your first campaign it was located within my loadout and I didn't know what it was so I googled it to find out. Is that thing missing causing me to not be able to call in the airstrike? Sorry for bein such a pain in the arse man.
  12. Having probs laser designating the aircraft at the airport in mission 2 bro. I use the radio to call it in then pull out the laser and target the airfield and nothing happens. Is there some sort of confirmation that the strike is going to happen? Heres a funny thing I did as well, My first run through I made sure to grab the laser off the chopper. Took out the first camp, killed a buncha snipers, found the bodies, made my way over to the ammo stash near the tractor... Whipped out the ol' laser.... FORGOT THE STINKIN BATTERIES!!!!! rofl... I do in fact have the batteries now. Is there a certain range I need to be in order for the laser to work? I have been trying to target the aircraft from right next to the tractor. Should I get closer? I thought for sure I would get some sort of confirmation from either the brass or the CAS pilots once I requested the strike with the radio. I went over this thread in hopes that someone else had the same problems and noticed that someone was having problems loading mission 3 so its obvious that they got through it. I'm wondering what the hell I did wrong. Heres the mod list I use for this Campaign, 16 in total: FPS mod CBA AI improved driving mod All the required mods for this campaign Sound of War Mod SLX ZGB
  13. PaperCut

    Bad things about Arma2

    I bought it and played around with it a little bit, didn't really get into it since it was my first foray in the milsim department.... But your statement is rather disconcerting.