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    Time Warp

    Bah...yeah have a big "Play&Contribute" for the game to get feedback from the player....and just completly ignore it. Every problems right now are mentioned sinced beta1.... great job in ignoring for what was that "Play&Contribute"? The more i think about it the more i realise it was a desprate move to get money into it,the rest was pure PR. I really start HATING publishers in general... Well why creating a "waiting" game when you could have done it right from the beginning. With those complications thanks to shortsight it would be a tradeoff if you dont have to waste FUEL just to speed thinks up and blockade your whole production to get more fuel you just wasted to speed up the production its self....
  2. That would be a shame and would make this game for most players unplayable. Including me, i want fun playing a game not ragequit it everytime i need to babysit a walrus to his desination. There are issues with the game, but beside the pathing problem i can overlook them but nothing of it is frustrating me so much like the walrustamagotchi.
  3. Well thats the point you cant trust them to drive alone. It would be one point if they would only suck in combat. But thats not it they cant even drive straight even after the patch. Falling down brdiges, getting stuck on a road. You cant send a Walrus to a refuel point and hope he gets there at all, or better can get back because he will get stuck and you will need to get him out of there. Thats the thing thats most annoying. I cant fight with one walrus and can say "okay you guy repair and refuel and come back" you will never see him until you are forced to move hin from a stuck situation on a road, without enemy contact. "Assist" is even worse, yes they follow you but the moment you shoot they are going crazy and are worthless. Something like" Charging and the AI as backup" is most unlikly to have.
  4. Mortem86

    German language - how?

    Okay had the same problem, the german language files are there but arent in the ccsettings.xml. So to fix that go to that folder C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\CarrierCommand there you find the "ccsettings.xml" you get a bunch of options there you scroll complete down until you see sometihng like that <misc subtitles="1" currlanguage="english" profile="PROFILENAME"> <language name="English" /> <language name="French" /> <language name="espaniol" /> <language name="itallian" /> just pick one and replace the languagename <language name="French" /> to <language name="German" /> save it and start the game, nwo you should be able to pick the german language and tada you have everything in german atleast text.
  5. So i am donewith this game ruined for me with those walruses! They cant even drive over a god damn bridge without falling off, this isnt a strategygame its a Walrustamagotchi, i dont want to babysit the walrus the whole time....for what do i need 4 walruses when only one can do anything usefull and thats the one you are controling yourself. Its just terrible. This is not Carrier Command...this is Walrustamagotchi ---------- Post added at 10:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:25 AM ---------- You dont mind that youcant plan anything, You dont mind that you cant send a Walrustamagotchi to a repairstation without getting him stuck and destroying himself on a road and driving against a rock. You dont mind you cant let them assist you when you drive upfront because the moment you got shoot they are going crazy and just drive against a tree? You dont mind that they drive in "battle" so bad that they try to turn them self into such a bad position that they cant even shoot? You dont mind sending them over a longer path and wonder why that walrus fall off a bridge. You dont mind seeing them utterly destroyed beside higher armor and better weapon because they just dont shoot. You dont mind taking always control over one walrus and the other stand behind so you have "reserve" units for your one vs rest army. You dont mind that you arent really feelbeing in command when you always need to babysit those damn walruses You dont mind that controlling your units isnt optional and more a must do. You dont mind being a strategy game those walrus destroy any strategy in this game? You dont mind they cant even take care of them self? You dont mind that the micromanagment in this game beside being normaly a "grandstrategy" game is higher then in Starcraft 2 because of those walruses You dont mind losing several walruses because of being totally stuck and doesent have a method to "unstuck" them beside "the hook" that you dont have right of the start in the campaing. You dont mind to have a tremendous amount of productioncost because of the walruses? You dont mind that you cant conentrate on the bigger picture because the moment more then one walrus is involved you are forced to babysit them. Its one thing to lose units because your strategy failed....but another having a rage quit out of this game because those walruses are just bad. I dont say they need to be perfect, i dont mind if something like these can happen because of terrain. But all those point happend on a freaking normal road. This is not fun anymore. The game is good but because it is heavly focused on ground combat then it would be nice to have them a decent AI. Even the enemy Walruses are just driving a cliff off or against tree being sitting ducks.
  6. Mortem86

    First Impressions

    Wait until you come into the mountainterrain..THEN your are going to HATE walrus...its just plain stupid. I wish those walruses could turn on the spot...and dont have to do alle that back and forth driving to turn...its just GNAR. On some Islands its pretty cool with the walruses...but the moment its gets to tight you are screwed. Mountainpass...heavyforrest. After playing for more then 5 hours, walrus AI forced me to ragequit.
  7. This sound promising now i just need a link for the patch? :) EDIT: NEvermind found it through the E-Mail i need to start anew...but i dont care it crashed anyway so i hope that patch fill fix it to :D Oh and yes its fun, could be me but the second walrus i got on assist did a decent job in following me on Arachnid. Just read the fixes and i love one particulary..." Various Walrus AI improvements" well so me fears for a "SotS" or "Legends of Pegasus" start have ben setteled thanks guys now i enjoy this lovely pieve of software engineering! :P
  8. So a alittle heads up so far so good stable the campaign running smoth so far, just got into my carrier i really hope that pathfinding has got a bit better... and iam just seeing to much into "rambling about a betabuild that has been released" but i give it a chance and so far everything is fine beside the language thing ---------- Post added at 11:22 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:20 AM ---------- Yes so if you have problems loike i had remove every old "build" from P&C but no fear there arent anny registry leftovers thats causing this.
  9. OK Problem solved Well after the 4the install it worked dont know what went wrong on my side, but it looks like some old data was lurking around and messed with the release now i am glad! BUT its still the beta3 version 1.0027 and i dont ahve german language GRRR not even in the options...thanks...well no problem with english still... atleast the campaing is now open...
  10. No idea but i get a bad feeling about this...i hope its a "mistake" but the whole silence cant be a good sign. Edit: I just confirmed it uninstalled, and reinstalled the game its the P&C build...so beta3...you dont even need to type the CD-Key when installing ect...
  11. I am not joking otherwise i would play it and not writing in here :P @ Species1571 Well ahve fun you got atleast the retail version..i a still waiting for sprocket to give me the real deal here... i am a little pissed right now.
  12. Atleast i still get the play&contribute game...and thats still beta3...
  13. I just posted it...its still BETA3..even if its tells you in teh download "carriercommand_setup" the 3119MB is still the beta3 client.. I downloaded it installed it now 2 times and i still get the "work in progress" campaign greyed out ect...but who dares to read in those forums...
  14. For me in the end it was still the beta...even it had said in the download "carriercommand_setup" its not the release...no campaign..still "work in progress" its beta3...