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  1. SilverSniper99

    AH-64 Pack

    Well it seems like an obvious reasons, however it seems to be a trend only with American Apache crews. The British AAC Squadrons that fly Apaches in Helmand have kept the Longbow Radar because it can be very useful when flying through the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan, as it is used to map out the terrain ahead. This makes flying through the mountains substantially easier and at night it is probably the biggest advantage. Anyway, enough of me derailing the thread to explain tit-tat details of the Longbow Radar's use. The model looks great and I cannot wait to see a better model than BIS, which great as it is, does have some minor flaws as you have pointed out. Keep up the great work!
  2. SilverSniper99

    USS Nimitz - WIP

    I will definitely be using this in my missions, I'm already thinking about several things this can be used for :D Great work JDog as always, one of the biggest contributions to the modding community without a doubt :)
  3. SilverSniper99

    US Desert Vehicles (WIP)

    You might wanna learn some manners or maybe try doing it yourself. Do not ask for something that you yourself would not do.
  4. SilverSniper99

    Project Reality - WIP Discussion

    Well from the sound of his post he means later which is dissapointing but oh well... good things take time. :)
  5. Great looking map, and he 3 Rifle troops look awesome on it. Can't wait for the release, also happy to beta test if you need it. :)
  6. YAY! Can't wait for this Arb. I'm sure everyone in the community will join me in saying that this is a long awaited map and we all have the confidence in you that it will be one of the best maps to date.
  7. Looks great, combined with P:UKF land vehicles, Stalker's MTP 3 Rifles and your helicopters (soon the Eurofighter) I have been enjoying simulating a large part of the British Armed Forces. Keep up the great work Rock, you really are one of the unsung heroes of this community.
  8. I would IceBreaker but I think if it was specifically desgined with missions in mind on a small scale then the terrain would have to reflect it with there being ways for people to exploit the terrain to a tactical advantage. Might be challenging in terms of planning, but I'm sure you are up to it IceBreaker. Whatever you do I'm sure it will be fantastic.
  9. SilverSniper99

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    Hey Icebreaker, big fan of all your islands. Especially Duala and Jade Groove! I was thinking for these Lingor Government forces, maybe a small group of Spec Ops style units, or just style the main forces like the pic below. Just an idea. http://img311.imageshack.us/i/f254ir.jpg/
  10. SilverSniper99

    Project RACS

    Is that custom RACS ghillie suits?!?!? :O They look insane!
  11. SilverSniper99

    Pukf - WIP

    I imagine that P:UKF have made it so that it doesnt actually fire anything, so the AI Will probably see the magazines as empty. Just an idea.
  12. SilverSniper99

    Pukf - WIP

    BFA means Blank Firing Attachment if I'm not mistaken, so they only fire blank rounds which with a BFA on will emit barely any shrapnel at all. I think they were included for training purposes, so teams and communities could go through firing drills without live rounds. Hope that helps.
  13. SilverSniper99

    WIP: Island Villa afgana 10x10 km

    Sure. If I have time this weekend then I will upload my Apache Dawn mission which involves an Apache and Special Forces working together to destroy a Taliban Base. Anyway less about my missions :P More praising this map :D
  14. SilverSniper99

    WIP: Island Villa afgana 10x10 km

    @Jon: I havn't had any problems with this island, and you are correct it is the SFOD mod which does this to islands. A friend of mine could only play isla duala and all his maps just crashed his games. So he stripped his folders of all addons and then tested them one by one, turns out that SFOD somehow messes with islands. Back on topic. Love this map, have already made several missions with it!
  15. SilverSniper99

    USAF CSAR By Soldier2390

    Yeah I'd love to see some PJ versions, but whatever you find easiest! Looking forward to this!