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    Great work Shuko, your script was exactly what I was needing. I did have a problem at first because I was using markers instead of Game Logic objects. The sample mission helped me understand what was needed though. Works like a charm now. Thank you!!!
  2. mercuryhaze

    ArmA 3 civilian module

    I recommend checking out the TPW civilian mods as someone else had suggested. I've been using it for testing and so far it seems to work great.
  3. Hey Wiper, So now I've played Cipher alot. Just a great mission thats very fun to play. Looking forward to Cipher v1.80! Changes,suggestions? I love the customization you can do, but I still think more vehicles, such as the LAV25 should be added to the list you can choose from in SP. I like options and understand it may detract from other game factors but I think it would also add a much wider range of possible encounters! Maybe a tank if you choose 2 man...eh..eh..? Could you add something in the script that generates more random vehicles based on what the player chooses in their starting vehicle?
  4. mercuryhaze

    I love ARMA2, should i pick up ARMA1?

    Hi! I too played OFP then skipped ARMA but have picked up ARMA 2 and have been playing without issue. I decided to get the original ARMA as a digital download for like $20 bucks but had HUGE problems trying to get ARMA 1 to run on my Windows 7 pc. After scouring the internet I found that few people can run ARMA on Windows 7 but most can't. Thankfully the place I got ARMA 1 from allows for return by agreeing to delete the download and ageeing to a destruction of electronic media document. I do see now that there is a project for ARMA 2 that has converted the ARMA 1 missions, so I'm looking into that now.
  5. Wiper, You are beyond awesome. Cipher is an incredible mission that I have played about 15 - 20 times now. I think I started playing it around version 1.23 and check every few days for an updated one. You are doing a fantastic job! The biggest gripe I have with cipher as it is now is the truck. I wish there were other choices in how you transport your team to the enemy location. What about giving the player the option to take an armoured vehicle in instead of the truck? Or to be able to choose a small convoy of Humvees(with mounted weapons) to lead your squad in with? Maybe placing a "supply zone" somewhere a little farther away that the player could go to to swap vehicles. I know this affects the combat balance, but sometimes I want to sneak in the enemy zone and other times I want to run in with guns blazing. I'm just getting tired of riding in the back of that old clunker you know! I just wanted to say that I have and will continue to enjoy your mission for a long time to come. Looking forward to any other missions you may be working on as well. Keep up the good work!