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    Collecting inventory items?

    As a add on to this thread, lets say for instance I placed PMC_documents with an enemy general, and part of mission is to retreive the dicuments how would I let a trigger know a player has it??? And create a hint/Complete objective?
  2. stephen271276

    Spawn unit wont work?

    Still cant get it to work? Any ideas?
  3. What am I doing wrong here? I want o spawn a single enemy unit via a trigger at a marker position names Marker1
  4. stephen271276

    Collecting inventory items?

    PMC classnames by any chance??? thanks btw
  5. Hi Ive searched the forums and seem to have found half the info i need... I have a small object "Photos" as an objective to retrieve, which is fine I know how to place the item and how to create an action to pick it up which then deletes the item, but Id really like to make this more realistic and actually have the item in my inventory! Is this possible?
  6. Boooo where is this file? Says "not on this server"
  7. Part of my mission involves an ai tram mate investigating an ied, the ied explodes and the ai is injured using setDamage command. No at this point the player radios a medivac chopper which arrives and a group eject and secure the area, the group includes a medic who iv ungrouped upon the landing of the medivac. What i want to happen is the medic to go to the injured ai perform a heal anim which then revives the injury and they all board chopper and leave, leaving the player to continue with his mission..... Ive tried this script... a2 doMove getpos injury; sleep 2; a2 dowatch injury; sleep 1; a2 playmove "AinvPknlMstpSlayWrflDnon_medic"; sleep 4; injury setDamage 0; injury removeAllWeapons this; injury switchMove ""; a2 switch move ""; [injury] join a2; Note the medic is called a2 and the injury is called injured. It doesnt work!!!!! HELP! ---------- Post added at 05:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:48 PM ---------- Solved
  8. stephen271276

    New ArmA 2 Animations?

    Unit playmove "testsurrender"
  9. stephen271276

    Problems getting A2OA to find BAF?

    Thanks Demon, sorted now!
  10. stephen271276

    Problems getting A2OA to find BAF?

    that link is the same one, it says this when game loading? Addon CAAir_BAF requires 1.54 of application But am running 1.51? Also on the main menu screen it shows the BAF and PMC logos????
  11. Hi I have all three hard copies of A2, OA, and now reinforcements.... Problem is Combined ops works fine and finds A2 fils no problem but Cant seem to get all three working together??? Am using alpine stars A2 Launcher and it shoes up the BAF and PMC mods which ive ticked , but not there in game?
  12. "Error compiling pixel shader PPSrite Ti:0" Any idea what this means?
  13. Similar to the Keypad in coltan blues....
  14. Put it in the innit line of anything else but the suitcase. Is it poss to make the suitcase a weaponholder so files can be placed inside it?
  15. As an addon to this thread would it be possible to open the case like the "gear" menu to see whats inside?