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    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    So first off, why is this the first mission in my ofp/arma career I have encountered that is incompatible with cpbo? Second, there is no version 1.62 depbo.dll listed on that link? Third, is the eliteness 2.52 in your first link better than eliteness 2.95 on the second link and why can't I use cpbo? No seriously why doesn't this work with cpbo? It throws an unknown block in header issue and aborts.
  2. EdibleVonPurplington

    Sun glares

    I haven't mastered looking at life through a super narrow field of view with a distinct lack of proprioception and 3rd persion view simulates this. Somebody put a lens hood on that phantom camera in 3rd person please.
  3. EdibleVonPurplington

    VTS 4.0 - Live Multiplayer Mission Creating Tool for A3

    This is my go to mission when I just want to mess around in the arma engine. So glad to see it already being ported. Nice work!
  4. Does your server title state what version of ACE it is running? Does it state whether or not it is running just @ACE, or if it uses @ACEX and @ACE_SM as well? Should I assume a server that just says ACE is running @CBA and @ACE and nothing else because it would state if it were running anything in addition to that? Is there actually enough room in the title to give all of this information and still actually have a title? Does your server title give a direct link to the community manual? A clickable link that will take me directly to the page I need or do I need to try and google search for your server name and find your clan homepage and then find the section explaining what addons your servers uses and how to get mine synced? This is an example of a request for a better integration of addon support for player clients being responded to with elitist insults. This isn't about nannies and silver platters, this is about a request for more capable support tools for features provided by the game. We have nothing but 2x1 yellow bricks and we'd like some additional sizes and shapes, we feel it would increase the value and usability of the product as a whole. My own pet peeve is that I have to decide what addons I load up with before I even look at the server list to see what servers are populated, at which point I likely have to shut down and figure out exactly what set of addons that server uses and start with those exact ones running. If I have the required addon files for compatibility with a server, when I attempt to join it my game should automatically restart with the proper files loaded and connect to that server. The servers are already prone to having their own unique custom setup of mods so my game folder is already becoming cluttered with all the different addons. I would love integrated HTTP forwarding for auto dl of addons on a prompt so I could save some time trying to version match with every server I want to play on. I'd also like to state that people in this thread seem to be conflating inexperience with file directory management, computer terms and software versioning systems with a general lack of intelligence or motivation. The instructions can all seem perfectly straight forward to somebody who has some experience with the concepts involved, the question still remains whether reasonable expectations of end user knowledge are being made. If you just bought the game off steam because it had good reviews and seemed interesting and tried to jump in to a server and got splashed with a cannot join mission missing resource blahblah.pbo, what is the expected response by the average end user? Why do you expect your end user to respond in that way?