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  1. I said only about your link. Max Power, thanks. I hope, that new developer will do more useful plugins version to community.
  2. Crate, its not my problem, you provide link to my work, so, you criminal. If you respect law - remove it. I say again:
  3. Crate, I provided rights to rework my plugins to only one man. I hope, you will be banned due IP violation - I dont allow distribution of my work.
  4. http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-265/ "The decimator was rewritten, and now preserves UV's and vertex colors, has an un-subdivide and a mode to dissolve vertices to create planar n-gons. A new laplacian smooth modifier can reduce noise or smooth the mesh while preserving edges and volume. A triangulate modifier was also added, which can be useful for creating game assets with baked normal maps."
  5. ArmaFormsDesigner Demo Last packed version: http://bit.ly/T3IN6F
  6. Plugin export only UV data, not graphic content, so, you need setup materials (shaders, textures and so on) in O2 manually.
  7. You do something wrong, O2 the best of the best modeling program!!!111 All modifiers must be collapsed and transform applied (ctrl+a, apply scale + rotation). When you selected more than one object, you export all of them as lods of one model based of lod distance each of them. If you want to do export some parts as selections of one lod, you must join them to one mesh and mark different selections as vertex groups (name of vertex group = nam of selection). You want to kill monkeys instead rabbits? :)
  8. Good work :) About hipoly to lowpoly with saving uv: http://www.ewocprojects.be/polyredux.html
  9. Just for info. Poly reducer with UV saving: http://www.ewocprojects.be/polyredux.html
  10. Exporter v0.3.13: * Compatibility with r45996 (2.63) (patch from Alwarren). Importer v0.2.10: * Compatibility with r45996 (2.63). First post updated.
  11. Leopotam

    Mi24-A, Krokodil

    Pathetic_Berserker, congrats. Sorry for the incomplete translation. :)
  12. Limitations added, first post updated. Thanks, BIS-es, for this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?133522-Audio-amp-Video-Monetization-(e-g-Youtube) .
  13. You forgot about fire/geometry/shadow for pilot/gunner/cargo/commander :)