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  1. I wouldn't hold your breath. It took them 15 years to make this one, and this one is still in beta.
  2. Is this version that's up for sale on the bis store the steam version? I have the normal version but was after a steam key for it you see.
  3. Haha! It happens. :) I found my old 'nofilmgrain' mod to use with the campaign, so Ill's good. I can't see that on it's own causing any problems.
  4. Got it. Nice selection of tweaks there. Thanks very much disorder. :D A quick question: I don't suppose that this mod would work well in the campaign would it? I'm asking because I was thinking about playing through the campaign again, but without the film grain. :)
  5. Thanks disorder. Why your mod makes the game so much better for me is... I hate film grain. I have a expensive graphics card and don't want my graphics to look like a 1880's film show. I got fed up with the carrier entering my location and outrunning me, that was pox. The walrus extra grip was a bonus, a bonus that I like very much. It make's the walrus feel as heavy as it should feel, and not like paper walrus. :) I don't want very much more than this. I certainly don't want the game harder, I'm a casual player and go more for enjoyment than competitiveness, besides there are loads of other mods that make the game hard, if I wanted hard. Having the AI carrier a bit slower then mine would be fine as long as the darn thing can't catch me. :D
  6. Tell me, have you removed "Slowed and matched enemy carrier to player carrier, increased acceleration and deceleration times on both" in version 2.6? If so I will stick with 2.5. This is one of the main reasons I started using this mod. ;) If you have you removed it maybe you could teach me how to fix 2.6 so that it has this feature. Thanks.
  7. Thank you. Nice to see your keeping it up to date.
  8. Dajunka


    I had ruffly the same experience in the early days with CCGM. My campaign game kept on crashing with some sort of script errors. Then one day I tried a re-install going through the patch sequence instead of jumping straight to the latest patch, and I never had a crash after that.
  9. Just wondering, is it okay to patch from the install version 102_2 to version 107, or do I need another patch in between?
  10. Dajunka


    Tis okay, I took a guess and installed 102.2, then 1.06, then beta 1.07 and remarkably it has not crashed since.
  11. Yep, I am getting the same error at the start of the campaign with beta version 1.7. Are there any plans to finish or at least fix this game or should I just uninstall the game......................again? :)
  12. Yeah, I already have the bis version, but the steam version would be handy, you know keep everything neat and in one place. I guess I will wait until the next steam sale.
  13. Dajunka

    1.07 beta

    I am looking forward to when it's final, all the bugs dealt with and the modder's can get stuck in make this game epic. It's already getting quite a cult following.
  14. Thanks for v2.5 going to install it now. Still my favorite mod. :)
  15. Great mod, and love the Ambient music. My favorite mod, wouldn't play CCGM without it. :D
  16. Been playing the game with this mod for some time now, and I have to tell you it's amazing how much it improves the game. I don't know, it feels great to play. I wish I could endorse it or something. I do recommend other CC players give this mod a go. Keep up the good work. :D
  17. There are no pansy players, only casual players. :)) I am just trying to have it more in line with the original game-play, were as I remember the enemy carrier would peg-it as soon as it got a smell of you in the region. Only engaging you near the end of the game.
  18. Okay. Not being use to installing mods for CCgm. Do I unzip the contents of the DCMP.zip file into a folder called DCMP? Do I just copy the DCMP zip into my CCgm game folder? EDIT: Tis okay, just read some of your older readme's. Unzip all to a folder DCMP, and do the thing with the shortcut. Played a bit and wow! Does it look good without the grain effect? Graphics are very sweet. This is the type of mod I was looking for. :) Is there anyway to mod the enemy carrier to always run away until its down to the last island or two? That way you get to play the game to it's completion and not have it terminated by a early encounter.
  19. Really interested in this mod, it changes all the stuff I wanted changing. One thing; your install instructions are confusing. Different names for folders and shortcuts. You need to go over your readme files.
  20. They left a lot out of this version that made the original great. Shame, but there you have it. If they had traded the time spent programming the unwanted fps side of the game on some of these details, then they might have had a winner for everyone.
  21. If I select to start with low tech in a strategy game, does the enemy carrier start of with low tech as well?
  22. Welcome to the game. There is a mod that allows re-spawn of the enemy carrier, but none in the vanilla game, but there should be. Having the enemy carrier re-spawn after it's destruction should be a MUST HAVE, option. Without it the game can be over before it starts. I don't really understand what you mean about seeing the carrier when it timewarps, you can see it fine when sailing around islands.
  23. Is it at all possible to somehow play a game starting at low tech, were the enemy carrier starts of with the same low tech and does not have advantages such as higher speed? In other words, is it possible to start a game that starts of fair and equal.
  24. Thank **** for this fix. The lighting bug alone, stopped play for me. Very strange how this is not mentioned in the changelog.
  25. Dajunka

    Enemy carrier too agressive

    This is where the game show's it differences to the original. I don't really like this new carrier actions and AI, and think that the original CC had it down much better. This game is suppose to be about capturing highly defended islands and not spammed naval battles.