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    Word. Congrats to BIS on acquiring this fantastic license. This is a really big opportunity.
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    Close Fight In Original CC

    Dude great story! That feeling of finally laying eyes on the enemy carries was always the most exciting part of the game for me.
  3. Over at shacknews (http://www.shacknews.com/laryn.x?story=60431#) I posted as JWD3 and you can see how excited I am about this game. Basically I want to encourage you guys to not deviate so much from the original. I know you think you can "do better". And maybe you can. But honestly, that game was pretty close to perfect as it was. So here is my plea: classic mode. Simply make a mode of the game that is a pure 100% recreation of the original. I am here, I am ready to pre-order as soon as you'll take my money. But I beg you please don't change it so much so that it's not what it was.