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  1. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    Just had a go at your 0.3 version, and I can see a lot of improvement, mash, medical supplies, enemy camps, random enemy mechanized patrols, mobile respawn, animation reset for AI and I'm guessing there is more for me to find.. very stoked! Thanks! Can I request laser designator to be added in game or I just can't find one? Also might be interesting to see a business related mission, for example: to get your bar up and earning cash you need to blow up rival bar, etc. Cheers Mik
  2. MikDawg

    Debute mission: Krasnostav Assault

    Thanks to Koni it found it's way to Armaholic's front page, I would not have spotted that this is over a year old. :D Played it as well, good little mission, could do with some sprucing up though.
  3. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    If anyone have problems with the RH weapons packs, here is a ready to play pack of all the needed weapons: http://www.filefactory.com/file/cd737db/n/@RHall.rar Pack weighs in at 881mb and extracts to 1.31gb
  4. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    In the market there is another weapons salesman who sells single weapons, get some AKs and ammo for them, the other one sells Rober Hammer's weapon packs. Also pick up armored SUV, someone has forgotten to lock it ;) Use the laptop to select a mission, it will appear as a two red markers on the map, and you'll be on your way with gathering resources and reputation. Doing Side missions received via radio will not get you money or reputation but are great for stocking up with russian weapons and you will get the usual UAV or CAS. You have to buy businesses to earn money too, cafe in Chernogorsk, farm in Prigorodgi, Gas station in Solnichnij and Airport in Krasnostav will generate income. And there is more to buy and discover..
  5. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    Back from holidays now, so I will be playing your mercenaries again ;) Looking forward to the update and I sure would give a ACE version a go, even though I normally don't use it. I think I figured out why my savegames was becoming corrupt just before i left: looks like I can't save a game with more than 3 RPG's in a trunk of the SUV or that save game will become corrupted... weird PS. Bought the gas station and the dialog likes to disappear and so does some of the bus station menus, can you ad some sort of reset for those?
  6. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    Reporting in: Today last three Savegames became corrupted, all in the same mission (mechanized) with the same error in .rpt file. Not too bad though, I had a save game from previous mission that was working, so I'm back on track. About the civilians: If they are going to munch on FPS's, as the game progresses, then no. Would it be the same story with this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=119820 Also first Aid doesn't seem to work, have the action menu option but nothing happens. Cheers Mik
  7. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    Tried your mission again, not sure what I've done different this time, but the PC ans Sat phone has the action menu now and your mission rocks! I hope you haven't abandoned it, and it will have an update or two. Can clicking on desired mission have some sort of visual confirmation of it being created on the map (also some explanation about the markers would be cool - are they like a patrol route with start and finish?), wasn't sure what was supposed to happen so i clicked everything multiple times and now I'm being engaged every other minute as I'm cruising around Chernarus - fun times :D What could be worked on is weapons and how easy is to acquire them, my rep is maybe ~220 but I'm already loaded with russian weapons including launchers and even shilka from doing SecOps. Maybe weapons can be removed from dead soldiers, would not be very realistic but would make one do some regular shopping and count bullets. Or even better option would be disabling room in vehicles to load weapons in. Also some civilians would add some immersion to the whole thing, can they be spawned in predefined radius and deleted as they leave it to save computing power? Your efforts is much appreciated, and even if this is final version I know I will be still playing it for weeks to come, just love this sort of free roaming action in combination with buying weapons and vehicles. Cheers, Mik I know, TL;DR thats cool.. ;)
  8. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    I had the same problem and it was outdated RH weapons pack, there are some weapons packs that has two versions floating about, one compatible with A2 standalone and OA and one only CO or OA. you want the latter one, same goes for mercenaries pack. Computer in the merc house still is inaccessible for me :( can do sec ops though, but it doesn't seem to add funds or rep.
  9. MikDawg

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    Hi Turnock, love the idea and by the looks of it the execution won't let it down. Small snag for me though, once I return from Cherno to pick up a weapon and get a mission - I can't interact with a sat phone nor laptop. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?
  10. noooooo.. Just kidding, the blurry trees must go! :D Really like your island - original, believable, and runs well on my rig, playing on it often. Thanks!
  11. MikDawg

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Saw this on armaholic minutes ago and my hands are still shaking from excitement! :D And announced in good time as well, have to set up one of these:
  12. Hi Sumrak, really enjoying NC so far, but the 10th mission is driving me crazy, Michael hasn't bothered to turn up I guess as nothing happens when I give the order? From rpt file: Error in expression < {sleep 2;t setDamage 1;};};}];do {michal doFire t;} while (Alive t);m> Error position: <{michal doFire t;} while (Alive t);m> Error Missing ; File nst\ns_missions\campaign\missions\09_namalsk.namalsk\michal.sqf, line 24 Is there a fix for this? Tried it few times, with mods/ without mods and even reverted few missions back without mods - same result. Cheers Mik
  13. MikDawg

    Unnatural Trees after updating to 1.09

    Duh ! :rolleyes:
  14. MikDawg

    Unnatural Trees after updating to 1.09

    Glad I saw this post, I was about to revert to 1.57 CO While Takistan looks OK with AToC, Chernarus (my all time favorite map) looks like poo! Might leave the AToC enabled on grass though, looks great also in Cherno. With AToC picture seems darker as well, but that is easily rectifiable i guess. Without: http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll132/Mikudze/ARMA2/arma2oa2011-01-2800-57-09-03.jpg With: http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll132/Mikudze/ARMA2/arma2oa2011-01-2800-51-53-60.jpg PS. Thanks Leon86
  15. Here is my two pence worth on the 1.59patch. Firstly updates are much appreciated and while it as always has improved on things, the new vegetation rendering is a miss in my opinion. Scenery in Chernarus now looks like it has been painted by Bob Ross in under a minute.:( Grass looks fantastic though, also Takistan has mostly benefited from this. But I prefer to play on Chernarus as I think it is your best map created so far and this sort of ruins it for me. Cheers Mik