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    Terrain Builder Problem

    Hey, Looking at your layers.cfg.... On top of what everyone else has said.... You seem to be missing several open brackets in your statements, you have the closers but not the openers. This thing.... "{" Class Grass_Green is set correctly, but the underwater & Beach are not. class Layers { class Grass_Green { texture = ""; material = "Moray\data\grass_green.rvmat"; }; class Underwater --PLEASE ADD ME HERE texture = ""; material = "Moray\data\underwater.rvmat"; }; class Beach --PLEASE ADD ME HERE texture = ""; material = "Moray\data\beach.rvmat"; };};class Legend{ picture = "Moray\source\maplegend.png"; class Colors --PLEASE ADD ME HERE Grass_Green[] = {{0,255,0}}; Underwater[] = {{0,0,255}}; Beach[] = {{248,255,185}}; };};
  2. P.S. I also closed my heightmap tools (bottom left) and cant get them back... any help there as well ? :) SOLVED by... Window\Object properties gets you the terrain properties window back. I was looking for a dedicated terrain properties window, but the object properties, must cover all "selections" and the terrain must be one of them!
  3. Hey RoF, I get your reasoning with the re-scaling, but i don't think thats the prob here. The actual (tif) is 4096 px. So I do the x4 multiplier to get me to desired 16km size. Not L3DT The heightmap I created years ago (A2 times) from some satellite imagery site, and only now moving it up to A3. I do all the work in Photoshop / world machine for my adjustments & don't go near L3DT. Range (Z) As far as the Height in the image (being greyscale & in the range of 0 -> 255) it probably covers 0 - 200. (I trimmed off the extreme white values). Texture Layer Thanks, I'll set it to 32x32. What exactly is that for? I saw it made an adjustment to the numbers in the final sat grid / Sat segments area.. but I dunno its effect so far.
  4. Hi all, I've been playing around with the new A3 tools for a long time now & having 1 problem. What makes this worse, is that I had this working in Arma2!! Basically, I've been all over these forums and followed the various guides & tutorials for example... http://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial & my problem doesn't seem to be covered by any posts I can see I have my Heightmap in, I have my satellite image in, I have my mask in & all processes error free, but where I'm suffering is I cannot find where to set the "Z" value of the terrain in the Terrain Builder tool. The terrain seems to be running to infinity (maybe 15,000m) in the vertical direction, and a pixel change in the heightmap (tif), can drop 1000's of meters in 1 step. The max height this terrain should be at 700m approx. So some rough dimensions I'm using... Heightmap 4096 (x4) = 16384m - tif Sat img 8192 (x2) = 16834m - bmp Sat Mask 8192 (x2) = 16834m - bmp In the following pics, you can see the probs & settings. 1, Terrain Builder view - All the contours are packed around the height range zero -> beach area, no internal mountains / hills are covered with any height detail. 2, The project (mapframe settings) 3, The Bulldozer view, note the extreme vertical variation from heightmap pixel to pixel. What am I doing wrong here? If someone can some one point me to the a setting that modifies the height, I'd be very grateful! Thanks, Axedup P.S. I also closed my heightmap tools (bottom left) and cant get them back... any help there as well ? :)
  5. Thx man, that makes sense. How do you assign the camera to the plane instead ?
  6. Hi, I've got the map in and working ok. Inside arma while running the editor (not 3d) it gives you the options to make the intro / outro. I've set up a c130 to fly across the map, hes following his path fine, but the camera thats tracking him sits behind, but slowly drifts from side to side and snaps back to the centre and then off to the other side. Where do I find the camera controls for the intro camera? Thx in advance :) Axedup
  7. Thx for info. I've been browsing the hpp files and found a reference to my problem. shoreTop = 0; // top point where water is considered off-shore peakWaveTop = -1; // point where water peaks should be max. visible before going offshore peakWaveBottom = -5; // point where water peaks should start appearing Maybe a tweak here will sort the beachbreakers. Can anyone confirm this? Just thought I'd share the info around :)
  8. Hi, I've gotten to this stage in the island creation, and I've adjusted the sea to a specific height. But I get this 2nd tidal mark around the edge of the sea. Check pics... pic_01 pic_08 Is this some indicator of a high tide? It really kicks in when you gain some height in a chopper prob 500+ I can only seem to find a reference to the water in the heighmap.pbl Any ideas? :) Thx Axedup