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  1. zachhox

    My First Warfare Try

    I PMed u :P
  2. Still doesn't work, another serious disappointment, hopefully the last one. Still doesn't run on high end graphic cards! I posted a topic on this in troubleshooting but no help or support yet. Is this ever gonna be solved!
  3. zachhox

    My First Warfare Try

    Tell me if you still play though, I got some good stuff ;). All self-made of course. :T
  4. Even for other games, obviously you should get the 4870 X2 :D. I wish BI would solve the problem though. Kinda crazy and very weird arma doesn't run on the high graphic cards so you can meet its performance, kinda upside down world :). But definitely get that 4870 X2 if you can man, definitely. If, for now/so far, you want arma to run get a 3000 series but than you'd be indeed ONLY getting it for arma. Unless you would use your old computer, like the one you have now unless you upgrade it, use a 3000 series in that or something. That would work.
  5. zachhox

    Arma.cfg tweaking

    Btw, for dedicated server or just as yourself? As yourself, of course it matters, its your graphic settings, the higher you go the slower it would run, usually, depending on the card and specs of course. But still... I saw you posting about a dedicated server :D. But if not for dedicated server, do all that in game and try.
  6. zachhox

    Just installed Arma and its not working....

    No its the ATI 4000 series, arma seems not to run on them at all. I don't know why yet, I asked but no one has replied to my topic. But try v1.17 just in case, lets see what happens.
  7. zachhox

    Client Mod Server question

    Alright, I'll give you an example. Lets start with the base weapons pack, "RH M4/M16", right. So for instance, if a client/user has that pack than he gets ALL the weapons from it. Another example, if client has, for example, "AimPoint Desert Weapons Pack" he gets all weapons from that pack. This is done so multiple mods and people can play and have their or all stuff. While normal clients who may have no mods can still play. I seen it in Domination for example, with 3 examples which you can use simultaneous. IF you have ACE, CSLA or P85 for example you can have all weapons and toys from it. Its like an "IF" rule only I don't know where to put it.
  8. Oh yes yes Sheba, I read it, sry forgot to thank you, got caught up in the other stuff. :D Its not that I don't like ACE, I just want without some of the changes. In any case I have ALL my other mods and stuff and ALL as I want, this just changes things I don't like. I wish it was more compatible so it could be combined with other stuff and more people/addon makers could make multi use of it. I only want 4 things, thats all :D. I have everything else, far far more than ACE even. Self-combined, made and style.
  9. zachhox

    Arma.cfg tweaking

    No you can set it high, but these are actually more important. In any case you when you connect as client you can set the graphics or 3D performance to anything you like, for yourself. You know what I mean?!
  10. How can I configure my server and missions so that, for example, If client user has mod x, y or z the user gets the weapons accounting the mod or addon? Where do I code it in? The problem being obvious, if I put it in the mission to load mod x, y or z than no one except those who have that particular mod no matter how small can play on the server otherwise you can't enter. I've seen it done with most of the "big/bigger" addons although I intended it more for singular "mods", but it doesn't, its the same idea. :) Thanks.
  11. I'll just make a new topic I guess, especially since the 2 weeks are almost up and I hope BI is still out there :D. 2 computers: Doesn't load up, menu fuzzy and letters messed up. New computer: Starting it up, that window with the hooks comes, black screen and a loading sign but no reaction, it takes hours to load. Any solutions? And if I may ask, why doesn't or wouldn't arma run on a high end graphics card, why is that in the first place? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Yea I got rid of some pbos and changed some stuff, still not satisfactory however. Has one error message about the turrent of teh RBIB but thats about it. Still though, it replaces the stock weapons, some sounds eventhough I don't use the sound pbo. It works but not satisfactory enough. I wouldn't mind using ACE like @MyMod;@ACE;@etc etc but it changes too much, and I can't use it with any other stuff together. Which is unfortunate.
  13. Figured it out. Much much better :P.
  14. zachhox

    Stupid Squad Mates

    Use some AI mods. That will significantly increase the accuracy and alot more of the ai.
  15. zachhox

    My First Warfare Try

    UAVs with MGs? lol, you mean ArmA2? Or did you modify it so you have the UAV in arma1 and all the rest? :P I did all that, I actually beat arma2 with arma1. I have ALL arma2 units and ALOT ALOT more :D. I made several warfare versions, even infantry only versions. Yea I have a server up, you have msn or something, we'll chat and I can put any mission you want basically. :D