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  1. arvaakuka

    Stagler's single player missions

    Any chernarus missions coming ?? :)
  2. arvaakuka

    Rejenorst's Missions [SP/MP/COOP]

    I would love to see some missions in Chernarus beacuse Hunted was so Great :D
  3. arvaakuka

    [CAMP] Blood On The Sand

    One word. Awesome :D
  4. arvaakuka

    FDFmod for ArmA II

    Hakkaa päälle pohjan poika :D
  5. I think NTA primary weapon should be FN-FAL because,TKA probably had very large stockpile of them or M16 as gift from Uncle Sam :)
  6. I found ION C130 textures PAA file. How I can Use it
  7. arvaakuka

    Extrating PMC PBOs

    Elitness says "DePbo Entry's reserved field non-zero" What should i do ????? :confused: now it says "DePBO unknown header type" Confused
  8. arvaakuka

    Extrating PMC PBOs

    Why the mission.sqf files are missing from the campaigns folder ????
  9. arvaakuka

    Idea for new DLC

    North Korea DLC ????????? sounds little bit strange to me.
  10. arvaakuka

    BAF coop mission pack

    when we get takistan missions
  11. I found picture of ION C130 http://www.aan-online.com/en/europe/29-black-element-rebrand-corporate-image.html
  12. arvaakuka

    SP Missions by SaOk

    My vote goes to mission in takistan map :)
  13. arvaakuka

    Through OpFor Eyes (TOE) Release Thread

    Hey. Make Arrowhead or DLC missions to playable to opfor