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  1. domador_de_yonkis

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Not at all... but my personal solution is to make windows8 launch mapdisk.bat at startup in this way: first create a mapdisk.bat shortcut then press [Windowskey]+R type "shell:common startup" (without coutes). "start window" will popup then just drag the mapdisk.bat shortcut in to the window. That´s all on win7 should be the same sorry for my bad english I hope u get it!
  2. domador_de_yonkis

    OA Missing Island names and cannot patch to 1.52.

    Same problem here ! edit: I have no problems with island names
  3. domador_de_yonkis

    some icons doesn´t appear in game map

    Now , everything is ok , I just renamed Buldings2_ind_cementworks folder to Ind_cementworks and moved to p:\Ca\buldings2 and all the respectives config´s to p:\mytag\Ca\buildings2. I can see the textures in visitor also. Is something similar as we use to do whit the plants. thanks.
  4. domador_de_yonkis

    How do i get urban asfault terrain

    on your way.... you must define the RGB color and the texture in LAYERS.cfg here´s lot of info about that http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=94222
  5. domador_de_yonkis

    some icons doesn´t appear in game map

    Hi thanks for the answer , Binpbo options doesn´t show .rvmat extension by default so they are not being copied directly , I think. My setup was p:\my_island\all the stuff. I already change the paths (including config , layers , project preferences etc..) and im still getting the same results... http://pastebin.com/Mqfswp7R No icon just ID and named as "house" in game map....
  6. hi again , Im experimenting problems with some buildings (ind_cementworks) I able to see the ID number on game map but not the icon , the ladder do not work neither I have all the config´s in \myisland\Ca.... so I can´t guess what´s matter. I know this building is just a part of another one and maybe the icon is stored on next part data folder. Some config class are missed and strings also. If u want to see my Binpbo log http://pastebin.com/bL2UYMZ6 maybe I´m doing something wrong sorry for my bad english!
  7. domador_de_yonkis

    Island Putt in Grass help plz

    NO! you have to wait till the rainy season lol , sorry! well...read the binpbo log. its say something about clutters names rigth? , you must use your OWN clutter,surface and texture names take a look inside your island config and compare : class clutter { class MY_OWN_GrassTall : DefaultClutter { model = "ca\plants2\clutter\c_GrassTall.p3d"; affectedByWind = 0.4; swLighting = 1; scaleMin = 0.7; scaleMax = 1.0; }; ok now you have your own class name for a clutter , now tab to class cfgSurfaces and compare the line whit that one : class CfgSurfaces { class Default {}; class Water {}; class MY_OWN_CRGrass1 : Default { access = ReadOnly; files = "MY_OWN_cr_travad1_*"; rough = 0.11; dust = 0.1; soundEnviron = "grass"; character = "MY_OWN_CRGrassClutter"; soundHit = "soft_ground"; }; ok now you have defined what type of clutter gonna grow... then go to cfgSurfacesCharacters line and compare: class CfgSurfaceCharacters { class MY_OWN_CRGrassClutter { probability[] = {0.79, 0.1, 0.1, 0.01}; names[] = {"MY_OWN_GrassCrookedGreen", "MY_OWN_GrassCrooked", "MY_OWN_AutumnFlowers", "MY_OWN_WeedDead"}; }; thats all i think.. cheers!
  8. domador_de_yonkis

    ladders don't work if placed in Visitor

    lol , i have all the configs in their respective folder but i didn´t unraped none of them ........ now everithing is ok thanks for the clue!
  9. domador_de_yonkis

    ladders don't work if placed in Visitor

    Hi there, I have the same problem but with BIS's ladders and gates...... any ideas how to fix that???? thanks in advance.
  10. domador_de_yonkis

    Object export compare and save

    thanks , this gonna help a lot !
  11. domador_de_yonkis

    The best way to add roads?

    I think this is what we have to do, share roads networks in a .txt modify and adapt it to our own maps. Make like a "template" data base of roads network just an idea...
  12. domador_de_yonkis

    The best way to add roads?

    Hi, another way to make roads is in \ Modify road popup \ import the road net from .txt of course , u should create this archive from an existing road network, but you can edit it like a text and agree or delete road parts , then you can import the road net and place manually on v3. about the texture i can not say too much the data folder that is in X:\Ca have to be pasted in P:\ca, anyway i still have problems whit some roads textures