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  1. I don't know what is Zeus , if you have any problem with some other mod you are welcome to post it with a way to solve it otherwise it's hard to understand
  2. Hey mate ! Requirements on first page , i totally switched this mod to RHS dependencies ( both AFRF and USAF required ) , i did set all dependencies on six so it should download them too if you install IDF
  3. v 1.62 changelog : - Added Yanshuv helicopter - dependencies changed ( two mods required now to play : ASDG Joint rails , RHS escalation - Added Crewman engineer ( IDF Tankist repair) - Hamas and idf weapons was changed - Proper names for idf vehicles
  4. ^ תודה גבר Thank you
  5. v 1.61 changelog : - Fixed hamas skin - Added idf backpack ( special thanks to SPECTER ) - Tank merkava 4 reskin
  6. It doesn't matter , in game it has plate carrier armor
  7. If you see in arsenal then it's not correct value
  8. Nice job on IAF , will be good to have this one on our server aswell together with IDF mod
  9. Updated v 1.58 changelog : -Groups now work with alive -Added armored group -SpecOps group -Fixed x95 shadow -More detail to IDF vest -Mars reflex sights minor fixes -m4 variants added to kits -Added dependency mod : RH M4/M16 Tnx for Robert Hammer and community help
  10. Ye as you can read in 2 post before you posted i already sorted it out , also added armor merkava tanks group , specops , m4 variants to some soldiers etc
  11. i will now work on proper groups for idf , what maximum units per group is recommended ?
  12. Should be like : class CfgGroups { class East { class HAMAS_faction { ? any other problems?
  13. looks similar to mine can't see problem HAMAS is just display name hamas_faction is class name http://codeshare.io/dkPfV