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  1. Germany General

    vilas are you out of your mind? You are spouting your racist bullshit on a 12 year old, for christ sake. And he's doing better than you. Cut the racist delirium and get a clue for once.
  2. Germany General

    Holy cow. Is that your age? Damn, I should have paid attention. It's hard to gauge someone's age on the internet, but I definitely didn't expect you to be so young. I am starting to regret the things I said. You know what? I take it back. Not because I don't believe it, but because it's fair that you make up your mind; I said those things thinking that you were knowing more of your own side. For the little I know of your part of the world there are things concerning this specific topic that you might learn in the coming years. Just remember me when you are about to start your vet study :-) Keep your dreams, kid, you are welcome to come to Europe when you want.
  3. Germany General

    There are a couple of people like this here. Don't pay so much attention to it. If anything, you got part of your answer. uhmmmm.... I thought it would be less. You might be much younger than I was thinking. Well, you are not doing bad. Maybe I should use different arguments though. unfortunately that is correct. That's not how human nature works, and on the internet things go wilder than usual.
  4. Germany General

    Shia mosques It's funny, because they are Muslims according to many other people I spoke with :-) by "here" I mean Europe. No, you are not doing anything wrong, but you prove to have quite a different mindset. What makes you think you are doing something wrong? Don't think that I want to threaten you or something. Come if you want, I'm just trying to make it clear that you might have unexpected cultural shocks. You said you have this dream and, well, there have been quite a few people hurt by a reality check. If I understand correctly in Medina they were also attacking a Shia mosque, and it's not sure it was them I honestly don't think I'm being particularly rude. But I do stand firmly by my position, and I don't really appreciate the way things are going now in regard to the whole story. I appreciate the fact that your feelings might be hurt, but I have to repeat my answer that vilas has a couple of good points. Don't expect me to just say "you are right".
  5. Germany General

    This is when I start to support vilas. They might not be Muslim according to your standard, but they praise Allah and the Quran (even if maybe they didn't read it), they go to the Mosque, they do the Ramadan, and some other stuff. More than enough for me to call them Muslims. They are not less Muslims than the kinder raping motherfuckers priests are Catholics. Get real: many Muslims hate us, a good part wants us dead, and some are happy to kill us. And if you get a decent news source saying the ISIS bombed Mecca I'll be happy to read it. From what I know there was an explosion in Medina, close to a Shia mosque I read this question and I think that you definitely shouldn't come After basically saying the opposite in at least 2 posts this statement doesn't bear a lot of credibility too hot? Are we talking about the same place?
  6. Germany General

    way to go Pete. Pete for president his points are "slightly" overstated and generalized, but I personally don't consider all of them bad at the core. To a point he's right. It's not just that. It's daily life, not just TV. It's about homosexuals going around on the street, about pornography being accessible, about the (almost total) lack of censorship, about a lot of things. Including the weather. You really should consider the case that you might be disappointed. You wouldn't be the first one. Honestly, moving somewhere just for the green grass doesn't strike me as a wise idea.
  7. European Politics Thread.

    very interesting
  8. This movie trailer has been made by an AI

    I agree, it's not very clear. But at least the part where the most relevant scenes are identified should be done by Watson autonomously, as far as I understand. From what I gather Watson takes the scenes, and the guys puts them together in a trailer. I think in this case the main question is how many scenes did Watson select? Did the guy end up watching the whole movie? :-) Yes, that was a bit misleading. Building the whole trailer would be an amazing feature, as it means implementing some creativity into the AI. But if Watson can really understand the scenes it's still quite cool. Too bad they don't say more. Maybe it is just marketing. But the Jeopardy thing was not bad at all:
  9. Germany General

    Dreams? Wow No, he only mentioned some places in Europe, not the whole of it. It's okay, you can come to Europe, don't worry. These people are just not used to immigration. But mind you: if you come just for the green grass you might be quite disappointed. There are a lot of things in life besides the green grass, and judging from what you write you might not like them. So maybe in that case you should reconsider your dreams. People just tend to have the wrong expectations sometimes.
  10. Germany General

    but you have the right to say something about people being mad at Muslims. I'm sorry, but this is not fair. fair enough. But don't forget that the story has many sides, and you can't just pick one. You were wondering why most (where did you get this "most" by the way?) Europeans hate Islam. I gave you a small hint.
  11. This movie trailer has been made by an AI

    well spotted. Still quite impressive though.
  12. Germany General

    So why is that that those same arms are now closed, and those civilians are coming here? And they often die trying. Sorry for my rudeness, but you know, we have a slightly annoying situation here. The discussion should be taken to another thread, by the way. Edit: oh, and I forgot an important detail. Taking refugees, no way; but when it's about money to build mosques there are donors lining up out of the door.
  13. Germany General

    So I guess I haven't explained myself well enough. - "I don't take them because I want to, I take them because I have to" means that I don't want to take them, but I do take them - "The fact that I say they can come doesn't mean I'm happy that they come" means that I'm not happy, but also that they can come. It's like taxes or the dentist. In a normal situation there is no chance that I would support this mess; but this is not a normal situation. They are dying, so I do what I think should be done, even if I'm not happy. I'm sure many people agree with me. I don't vote in Germany, but there isn't the infinitesimal chance that I would vote for AfD. I am not against Islam. I don't think a religion makes people bad (rather its interpretation), and I met too many Muslims to consider Islam intrinsically bad. Discrimination is in general a bad idea anyway. Eastern countries are happy with the idea of letting people die, including kids, based on religious grounds. This is not just wrong, it's super wrong. You go ahead, if you want, I prefer to wait before I reach that level.
  14. Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Okay that is good news. CNN found out that the original attack in Paris actually had more targets in France, and also in the Netherlands: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/09/05/politics/isis-suspects-terrorism-europe-documents/index.html Shouldn't be so surprising, I guess.
  15. Germany General

    There is this small piece of information that keeps getting lost, to my dismay. Let me try again: I don't take them because I want to, I take them because I have to. The fact that I say they can come doesn't mean I'm happy that they come clear now? I really don't give a shit. Anyone who likes the current situation is insane. I'm sure you are aware of the fact that this might happen after a possibly not short period of government.