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  1. hello, When I call transport and ther comes a chopper to pick up m and my team and I wanna go to another location, then i have a problem. I go to my map en select whole my team and choose "move to" another place and i click on that place on the map and he don't move. What do I wrong. greetz Hunt
  2. Hunt

    my team won't follow me

    the regroup command didn't work here. Its the mission where i much find petolov and banner in one of the three little city's ---------- Post added at 05:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:22 PM ---------- oke, sorry it works now with the done function. Thx greetz Hunt
  3. Hunt

    little question

    hello, How can I give my Team the order to simply follow me. I tried advance and regroup and non of these two work out. Can anyone help me please ? greetz Hunt
  4. Hello, How can i give my team the command to simply Follow me. Is It regroup or advance or somthing else. I tried everything but nothing works. Please help me. greetz Hunt