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  1. Scaygoo

    Your Hours?

    196 hours for the past 2 month.
  2. no localized Arma2 for my place, that's to bad cause cause we can get the game cheaper. Usually they only localized the manual & game box (in malay) while maintaining the game in english.
  3. Scaygoo

    Is Harvest Red playable, now?

    beside one time i have to reload cause 1 event does not trigger properly (mission 2) i finished the campaign recently without any problem.
  4. Scaygoo

    Does anyone still play ARMA2?

    Yes i stil play..been dreaming of playing Warfare BE everday.
  5. Japanese,Chinese server are hopeless they Ip ban user outside their country, sorry i haven't try any mod you mentioned, except evo and Dom. i see aussie server GamingSA hosting last weekend. Most of my multi time playing Benny Warfare of on european server, had no choice but they have good lines even with the ping of 250ms the game is still playable for me,so you might wanna try europe server for other alternative.
  6. Scaygoo

    Who here uses XFIRE?

    in game fps,clock,net browser,video capture,chat,screenshot but alas all this xfire features does not support Arma 2 yet ;)
  7. try searching the bodies of enemy crew from downed apc..(BTR) if not mistaken. i got my NV & the rest of my team this way..hurry though before the salvage truck arrives i think they pick up bodies too :)
  8. Scaygoo

    Capture the Island - Manual

    Warfare BE Tutorial written by Sgt.3agle3ye
  9. I just started on DOW too & i just noticed this when capturing base, there's use to be a red progress bar when you in the vicinity of the building but now the bar is gone? you guys have a same experience? I suspect the problem lies with the latest Nvidia driver?
  10. Scaygoo

    New to ArmA2 and have some questions?

    "Tank movement while in Commander view" in Operation Flashpoint while commanding armor/vehicles i like to use the move cursor key/(similar like the one we move around infantry) instead of forward,reverse,fast,move left/right order to driver. i can't seem to find this feature at Arma 2? anyway to get it back..right now its too cumbersome to use the move order we have now. Thx in advance.
  11. Scaygoo

    difference between m4 and m16?

    sorry its not game related but i need to ask recently there's talk of Malaysian Army replacing the current Steyr AUG we using now to m4 in the future. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't see any other Army use m4 for their infantryman except only on specialized force. Now the our defense ministry think its a good idea for all to use m4, you think this is a wise decision? but me think this decision is still on early stage, and i'm sure at the end of the day any arm sales will only be approved by US government :) ohh well we can always turn to Russia for other alternatives :P
  12. This only for Vista & Windows 7? so for Window XP user need not worry about the 12% performance boost? sorry just curious cause i'm still waiting for my paycheck to buy Arma 2 :)
  13. Scaygoo

    Where do you live?

    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia