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    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Lucky fellow! I can't even finish Wind Storm! I've escorted "Gazelle" to and back, without a scratch. Killed all the enemies within 2km of the "destroy" waypoint, and now just flying back and forth across the "destroy" waypoint for ages, and nothing at all is happening. No radio messages, no progression. If I go back to the aerodrome, it fails me. If I land and stretch my legs, it fails me. Pls help!
  2. sleat

    Community Update No. 3

    Thanks! I did that first. It very strongly affects the FM of the light heli, but removes all heli related sounds. This is 1.05 which is basically all you can have if you're connected to Steam, apparently. How do you stop it ruining the sounds? That FM does make the light very easy to fly! And it seems the damage rectangle is smaller, too! I can do things with it now I wouldn't dare try with the BI version.
  3. sleat

    Community Update No. 3

    Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question. In my copy of ToH, everything is pbo'd. If I un-pbo the file that contains the files you modified, my directory structure looks like: Take on Helicopters\AddOns\air_us_h\Helicopters_Light Your zip contains \HSim\Air_US_H\Helicopters_Light So, how does one go from having this copy of ToH (Steam), to having one containing the HSim directory? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  4. sleat

    Hinds FM

    Thanks! Have you got any vids that play back in normal sim time instead of high-speed? The rapid decelerations without pitching the fuselage, and very modest ASI reading are a dead giveaway. :-P You're such a good heli driver! Why ruin it for the audience by speeding up the playback? A vid tooling around one of the real FARPs in Expert mode in one of the "Challenge" scenarios would be choice. No combat, just driving. How 'bout it? Oh, and keep that speedo and your hands where I can see 'em, and fly between two identifiable points in a straight line. Easy! I'll do it if you will!
  5. sleat

    Hinds FM

    An astute observation. My suspicion is that Mi24 pilots did not fly it in Expert mode (which only seems to be available in "Challenges") and declare it was realistic. I'd totally believe they flew it in Free Flight, which feels like "Beginner" to me. Real helis with hydraulic controls generally have a trim hat switch labelled 'force trim' on the cyclic. Little ones like the R22 have a compensating spring gizmo which applies force in a similar way for different flight. I wouldn't describe the feeling of flying a full-size heli as 'twitchy' at all unless something is broken. In fact, when it's being flown correctly, which in real life, for safety's sake would be like 100% of the time, you'd really struggle to see the controls move much at all. The collective comes down in a pronounced way once the skids touch, but other than that, not much visible movement in the controls. You can get either a large model or a real one moving at about 20kt and in calm weather once you trim it, it'll sit like that and just fly along. They just don't thrash about like the Hind does in Expert. 18,000-26,000 pounds of heli would never twitch and thrash about unless metal was breaking. As far as "Control Aids" some large helis like the blackhawk, apache, or AH-1 have something called SCAS but it's on a switch, and certainly not required to fly the thing. It's a fairly basic pitch/roll rate damper on the cyclic and possibly tailrotor on that vintage of heli. It does lessen the workload somewhat, like a cruise control or automatic transmission would. It's been posted here that the Mi24 has the same. By contrast, the H500 doesn't have any stability augmentation, and it feels just fantastic. And the ToH model feels very much like the real thing!
  6. sleat

    Hinds FM

    Yes. I agree, but I'd say the Hind's FM on expert (which is just lovely in the Hughes500) is worse than any paper-clip improvised Z-bend linkage no-gyro blades un-tracked bent flybar RC model I or anyone I know has ever flown. Worse than an R-22 with out-of-time ball joints and dampers and a parkinson's pilot. Worse than an AH-1 with the SCAS turned off and air in the hydraulic system. Worse than a Bell 47 with the white-side mixer linkages shot off. Worse than an OH-6 in forward flight with the tail rotor completely missing. It should not require full deflection of the TR control to avoid spinning around with collective torque. Releasing the controls in flight should not result in an instant, violent series of random oscillations resulting in inverted flight within 1 second. No. Never. Not in any conventional (main rotor, tail rotor) helicopter. My evidence for believing that the real Mi24 should be at least as easy to fly as a particular RC scale heli of mine is: 1. I have a 5 bladed direct swashplate hub with no SCAS or gyro on the cyclic channels, tailrotor only, on my Trex 450 airframe. This rotor system is mechanically very similar to both the 500D and the Mi24 rotor systems. 2. It leads, lags, and flaps in its rubber dampers just as the Mi 24 rotors do, on a smaller scale. 3. It's exactly the same topology, albeit with much smaller moments of inertia, so it should be HARDER than the Mi24 to fly. Only it isn't. Not by a country mile. I, or any heli nut can have a relaxing time flying it around. Not so the Mi24 in expert. So, my challenge to anyone on here who would like to defend the TOH Hind's FM, simply post a Fraps grab on youtube taking off, hovering, flying around, transitioning back to a hover and landing in Expert setting under human control near a FARP in any of the challenge missions. Mouse-freelook the camera down so we can see the stick and pedals, as well as out the front. Anybody up for this challenge? I've done such things in other sims. It takes about 15 minutes, and you can leave it uploading. For extra laughs, try to find even a real Mi24 pilot to try. Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, they all fly 'em. They are not all that rare. It must be one of the most popular combat helicopters in the world. I daresay, either my Steam install is messed up, but only for the Mi24 and not for the other ~3 types, or the Mi24 on Expert isn't flyable by normal human beings, real world pilot or otherwise. So I agree with sportpilot. To add perspective, we're talking about a 57.5 foot rotor disk, an absolutely huge gyroscope, weighing at least a ton, and nearly 19,000 pound empty weight for the airframe. To think this thing should twitch and thrash around like a 2 gram falling leaf is just silly.
  7. There is a subtle detail, I've found with this mission. In my earlier try, I was taking way too much time at the container compound to succeed. You have to achieve the last requirement "Ground Haydon" or you can't proceed.