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    AI pathfinding in VBS2

    yes it fixed the road issues by a big time... yes im aware that you cannot use Landbuilder its only in the DeveloperKit which can be bought with license. For a map with 4096x4096 and terrain grid 8 i picked 32x32m for the Texture layer and everything is OK now. Just for example if you have map 5120x5120 and terrain grid 10x10m resulting total grid ot 512x512 you will have option for the texture layer 10,20,40,80,160 etc...then you have to put 40 and all will be OK with the roads i guess...
  2. telemmaite

    AI pathfinding in VBS2

    well yes im aware this is not the right place for VBS2 support but since its the most active and the matter is 99.99% the same as A1/A2 or OF i tried my luck here. However i discovered something that the BaseTexture layer that gives you multiplies options of your Terrain grid. For example if your terrain grid is 8m for 4096x4096 map. You will have options like 8 16 32 64 etc...Following the rule Texture layer < 50m kinda helps A whole LOT...However im not still quite sure about what it actually does and why this affects the Pathfinding that much.
  3. Ok everything is pretty much the same as in A1/A2 when it comes to map generation. The problem is when i put roads using the road module in Visitor3 (polygons) or using shapefiles,Landbuilder and roads2 (which are triangles) The roads show just fine everything is nice and clean in both ways but the problem is the OUTRAGEOUS AI when it comes to following roads and waypoints by vehicles. They drive all the way zig-zag...go constantly out of road even sometimes crash objects is there anything i could do about this? Any PathLODs missing in those models or what the hell....