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  1. so just the titles said, is there an organized group for this game sort of like United Operation from Arma 2 that do organize battles? I know it is kinda early but hey if you know a clan or just a group that do teamwork then please do let us know.
  2. darkdexter

    Binmod Release Thread

    Just do what the ww4 mod did to some of their units, they made some of them already scripted to have High dispersion, for example their Insurgent units have HD, make sense right since they are not really trained soldiers. The mod is perfect if the battle can last longer,the AI doesn't really know how to take cover so most of the times they are shooting each other in open ground so i thought adding HD script will make it better. ,but of course adding HD will make them ran out of ammo fast so increase the ammo mags as well? lol im asking too much aren't I =)
  3. darkdexter

    Binmod Release Thread

    Just suggestion : Add a High Dispersion in the game logics. I love the overall immersion of the mod but im not liking how the AI are very very accurate accurate even in long distances. I like my battles to be long and immersible but i cant enjoy it when i get shot too quickly. BTW i love what you did on the ammo and fuel trucks, they have that big plume of explosion and then several secondary explosions simulating the ammo popping and exploding. GJ!
  4. darkdexter

    dynamic mission request

    the AI doesnt have to do a mission, someone can just make it seems like they did a mission. For example Papa Bear asked you to extract team alpha after a raid on an enemy compound (for example: Houdan), then as you fly to the Mission area there will be a trigger that will make Houdan in a destroyed state, such one building is on fire, surroundings are smoking, littered with enemy bodies and destroyed vehicles. That way it makes us players think that there were actually a firefight before. Then as we returned to base and report the successful extraction, the map will reset and load another scenario >>> Drop an engineer to this location so it can fix a broken vehicle therefore the convoy can continue on >>> Paradrop a recon squad to this isolated location >>> Medivac this injured soldier...>>> Transport a supply to this FOB >>? Strike a suspected insurgent leader's house >>> extract a captured prisoner >>> All this are achievable just like how the CAT DYnamic Afghanistan mission where you try recon a downed friendly helicopter and rescue any survivor
  5. just wondering,other than DMA, anyone here thought of making another dynamic missions which is solely for helicopter mission base? If i knew how to make Dynamic missions id make one where you can fly a transport helicopters and just insert and extract troops in/and out of the battlefield... seems boring to some but in large scale multiplayer games( such as Project Reality) i usually just fly helicopters and transport fellow team members wherever they want to go. i thought it would be cool to do this in OFP at least in single player/campaign but just like DMA..
  6. darkdexter


    yeah but in CoC your the forward observer requesting fire mission. What i want is your the artillery guy manning the artillery itself and putting coordinates? you know what i mean? here is an example, im not sure if allowed to post links to other games but here it is just for the example as you can see, im looking for addons or mods where you are able to man the mortar itself and do fire mission indirectly with nothing but the map and the right coordinates given.
  7. darkdexter


    In the multiplayer CTI missions, you can buy a mortar. When you uses it , you can input a map grid(ex: Map Grid Da21) and it will automatically aim and you just click to fire. I am just wondering if there is an addon/script that is the same thing so i can use it in mission editor? That way i can make missions where you command a mortar while a simulated radio from AI in the battlefield will give fire mission coordinates ( ex: Target grid Ea21) It doesnt have to be mortar,it can be any kind of artillery too that a player can man and uses map grids for indirect and direct fire. So far , most artillery addons out there are more like a tank where you have to use the telescopic sight but indirect fire isn't possible. I know CoC but it seems it is more like an "infantry requesting arty" based addon than "be the actual artillery guy who is giving fire support" addon...
  8. darkdexter

    Tactical Systems - Command

    This is really a good mod, especially with FFUR AI. Man it feels good to to send in a squad to flank a town while Team A is giving a fire power support and you just sit nearby and watch the firefight unfold. Or send in a DAS close air support before you begin a massive charge. This will make Dynamic missions and CTI game a real blast. Come to think of it, someone should make a dynamic mission for this game in a CTI style. I had ideas for replenishing your own forces. For example.. When your team A successfully captured Montignac but took a lot of casualty, you can buy a new reinforcement, this reinforcement will spawn in a main base somewhere loaded in a truck and that truck will literally drive to Montignac. That truck will instantly replenish the squad manpower,firearms and heath. Then the truck will makes its way back to main base and disappear until next time you ask for reinforcement. To make it more dynamic, you can make a 5 man enemy squad that will spawn randomly all over the map with a premade way point that could ambush this "reinforcement" trucks. it doesn't have to be trucks, it could also be a helicopter supplier for faster response. Same goes for the tanks, you can buy they a gas,repair or supply trucks in mainbase and send them in to replenish them tanks. I know there are scripts out there that can already do this, it just needs to be implemented on this awesome mod.
  9. darkdexter

    OFP Addon request thread

    lol now i am interested what is that jeep in ur screenshot Incubus? Can i have it? =)
  10. darkdexter

    OFP Addon request thread

    hi,does anybody still ahve the complete pack of this http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=62389&highlight=samoth&page=3 If not then i am just really interested on the voice replacement pack which make speech better and AI faster to response without completely removing the voice. The Silence addons which removes the Ai voice for faster AI movement just bores me.
  11. darkdexter

    1.99 patch FFUR problem

    so do i just remove the \Res in every lines? No need to add other things? ---------- Post added at 01:31 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:30 AM ---------- well i removed all the \Res but now im back to the first error.... =/
  12. darkdexter

    1.99 patch FFUR problem

    could you be a little bit specific please? I did what you said but where do i put the "ArmA Cold War Assault/" ? Are you sure that is the right way,spelling? besaue now it said Cold War is not recognizable as an internal or external command.. ---------- Post added at 11:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:47 PM ---------- @ECHO off If exist NewData goto Check echo Error: Install files not found. echo. echo Please ensure that you have the @SLX directory echo extracted with subfolders intact and that all echo needed files are in @ffsx85\NewData. goto end :Check If not exist ..\Res\DTA\HWTL\Data.pbo echo ERROR: ..\Res\DTA\HWTL\Data.pbo not found! Please make sure you are running this file from the extracted @SLX mod folder in your OFP directory. If not exist ..\Res\DTA\HWTL\Data.pbo goto end If not exist ..\Res\DTA\HWTL\Data3D.pbo echo ERROR: ..\Res\DTA\HWTL\Data3D.pbo not found! Please make sure you are running this file from the extracted @SLX mod folder in your OFP directory. If not exist ..\Res\DTA\HWTL\Data3D.pbo goto end echo This will install the SLX Replacement Pack. echo None of the original OFP files will be modified. echo. echo Before proceeding, please make sure that you have echo at least 400MB free space on this drive. echo. echo This installer is for users that have HWTL enabled, echo if you do not have HWTL then please use the NO_HWTL .bat echo. echo. echo Thanks to Kegety, Mikero, and Llauma echo for installer programs. echo. echo Press any key to continue or ctrl-c to abort. pause >NUL cls :start ECHO. ECHO Type the option you want and then press enter to begin ECHO installing replacement pack content. ECHO Press 1 to disable Resistance foliage. ECHO Press 2 to disable Resistance buildings and foliage. ECHO Press enter to install all replacement pack content. set choice= set /p choice=Please select your install options: ECHO. echo Making @ffsx85\DTA\HWTL directory... echo. mkdir DTA\HWTL >NUL echo Now installing 3D models. echo. echo Making temporary directory @ffsx85\DTA\HWTL\Data3D... If not exist DTA\HWTL\Data3D goto MakeData3D echo. echo Error: Directory @ffsx85\DTA\HWTL\Data3D exists. echo. echo Please ensure that @ffsx85\DTA\HWTL\Data3D does not echo exist so that existing files are not overwritten. goto end :MakeData3D mkdir DTA\HWTL\Data3D >NUL del /Q DTA\HWTL\Data3D\*.* >NUL
  13. darkdexter

    1.99 patch FFUR problem

    I reinstalled the ffur 2008 edition in the Arma: Cold War Assault directory (/Program Files/Bohemia Interactive/Arma:Cold War Assault) I opened the ffur folder to open the Window Batch File named Intall_win2k_XP. i think i have to open that to install some of the added effects. Now the problem is i get this error Error: ..\Res\DTA\HTWL\Data.pbo not found! I tried it with the no_htwl_xp bath file and i get this instead Error \Res\DTA\Data.pbo not found This never happens before in my 1.96 version so im thinking the 1.99 is missing some data.pbo or it is changed to other place that i dont know about?
  14. darkdexter

    Arma: Cold War Assault

    Next up.. they should make the game completely free to to the public like what microsoft did on MEchWarriors and the Arma 2 free
  15. darkdexter

    TacOps Server

    dang i had a busygraduation ceremony and celebrations yesterday that I completely forgotten. ANy chances we could all still do another coop this sunday?