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  1. Excellent points. Having to micro manage the friendly AI to get them through the mission completely breaks game immersion for me. Given their tendency to blow off all their ammo within minutes (giving us/player one MORE thing to micro manage); they should have had unlimited ammo. As others have said they do; I frequently "stash" my team mates somewhere safe then lone wolf the mission--------once again breaking the immersion of "leading a team". :j:
  2. FlankerDFR

    Wet work diving finns

    Same for me; I'm swimming slow as can be; my team mates make it to shore way ahead of me; end up in a fire fight, and from one to all of 'em get killed before I can get close to shore! :protest:
  3. FlankerDFR

    Death Valley: WTF, BI

    Thank you!!! Not sure how many deaths and reloads I've had (a bunch) on regular difficulty. I'm not playing with the default weapon; I picked up some sort of SAW with what appears to be CT ammo from a dead enemy in the first campaign mission; I've stuck with it every since (can't freakin' believe everyone isn't using telescopic optics in 2035 :mad: ). Anyway, like several others, I learned the hard way to stay uphill from my not too bright squad, to the left in the trees/rocks. I've actually made it into the village with my entire squad intact (many of my reloads were due to losing a squad member), only I can't figure out how to get the bleeping drone up and running, even though I've got it assembled and the control terminal in my inventory. Fortunately, for the Devs..................none of them were here for me to beat senseless with a cooked cauliflower! :rolleyes: Anyway.....................THANKS to nicolasroger for the tip I can just **** can the whole drone thing, and go uphill to kill the spotters myself! I was so :mad: off before I came here; I was ready to throw my bleepin' comp through the window out into the yard!
  4. So....................you've made it to War Criminal. :eek: Nice!
  5. FlankerDFR


    Didn't know you could do that with the LAV25:yay:! I'll have to try that out on my next play through.
  6. FlankerDFR

    Bitter Chill problem

    Sounds like a bug peculiar to your play through. I didn't have any such problem, nor have I seen a similar one in this mission posted elsewhere. It would definitely get my goat too, if I'd had to put up with it! :mad:
  7. FlankerDFR

    Manhattan camps?

    Good luck!
  8. FlankerDFR

    The 'end'..

    I don't really care for the RTS elements of the last couple of missions. If I wanted to play an RTS game..........I'd buy one. v11cu96------------excellent comments, Bro! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for saying it for all of us who agree.
  9. I killed the priest/NAPA terrorist OK in my camoaign. 4 round on auto. If all else fails, and you want to move on...........while in game; press L Shift then press the minus key (-) on the keypad, quickly type in endmission and press enter..............that's how I completed Badlands (I still hadn't collected one of two evidences). I got the end mission screen showing all objectives completed and and my performance summary. Good luck!
  10. FlankerDFR

    Dogs of war: Units creation

    Roger that, JackandBlood! I'm taking a couple more stabs at DoW, then it's to bleep with it. All this command stuff is too tiring; more like work than gaming (not very much fun--especially given all the bugs and frustration of dealing with them). :cryy:
  11. FlankerDFR

    Dog of War (again)

    Oh really? How do you get that info from the map? TY!
  12. FlankerDFR

    Are these bugs?(Dogs of war)

    Glad it worked for you. The problems you're experiencing could be peculiar to your hardware combo and ArmA II; or one of the many generic bugs many are suffering from. If you haven't patched to the 1.03 version of the game (I assume you have).............you should do so ASAP; as they've cured a pretty big slug of the worst bugs. Mind you..............there are separate patches for store bought copies and STEAM purchased copies. Don't use the wrong patch for your version. Also.........make sure you've got the latest video and sound drivers for you gear and have defragged your hard drive (you know........all the basics). Good luck!
  13. FlankerDFR

    Are these bugs?(Dogs of war)

    From the other DoW threads in this forum..........I'd say there are a number of bugs in this mission. I haven't experienced any of yours (yet), and hope I don't! As far as your reload with blue rectangles and not being able to control your team mates.................somehow when you reloaded, it sounds as if you materialised in game with the CDF forces under your control in priority. When that's the case you can't order your team. Try pressing the L Cntrl and the space bar simultaneously and see if your team doesn't reappear on your headup display. Those two buttons are supposed to allow you to switch back and forth between your team and the CDF units you control. Good luck!
  14. FlankerDFR


    Sir Dingydang......sorry I'm so late getting back to you; I've been out of town for four days, just got back in yesterday late. Anyway..........in the buy units menu of the small factory it's the UAZ/AGS30, if you've haven't already got one. Good luck!