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  1. thanks the replacement file worked
  2. thanks i actually found that file but it didn't work for me for some reason i put all the files in the addons folder but all the army units still had mks
  3. I really hate the mk16/17 and I want all the units to carry m16/m4s Is there a way to do it? like some replacement file or somthing?
  4. Staker


    This is the briefing manager: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6797 I need someone to write what to name my triggers and what codes to put stuff like that. are there any example missions about it?
  5. Hey,I'm new to editing and I got a question about objectives.. In my mission the player patrols to a village(first objective), then move to some place to kill the bad guys(second objective) and then needs to go the extraction point- thrid objective I'm having hard time trying to make it work, I used briefing manager to make the briefing and that works fine, now the problem is how can I make the objectives be real?I mean how to make it so after I get to that waypoint the objective update to the next one.. btw,last objective I want to be complete only after all the opfor are dead hope someone can clear it up for me! thank :)
  6. awesome mod ir was my fav mod for OFP!!
  7. Staker

    Persian Hammer

    i got a problem.. i've downloaded all the addons for the campaign and when i start the game it says: Addon 'PH_1' requires addon 'CAweapons_E'
  8. Staker

    RAF Chinook

    how can I get the AI to lower the ramp?
  9. Staker

    Addons directory

    For some strange reason I deleted the folder ADDONS of the game (not the ADDONS I downloaded) maybe someone can upload it to me please?
  10. Staker

    Operation unknown wip

    amazing man I can't wait for it
  11. I gotta say,I miss Market Garden the only reason to install OFP again is to play the mod
  12. is there a way to get ammo box in a chopper? in my misson I want that the heli will land(open ramp,I'm using the CH-53..so the play could get inside)and the player needs to resupply.. is there a way to do that?
  13. Staker

    MH-53E addon released

    really looking forward to it :D maybe got any ETA?
  14. I got some quetstion about mission I'm making: 1.I want wounded marines to lay on the stretchers in the field hospitals,is it possible? 2.I know how to do the secop artillery but I want an off map artillery by AI not commanded by me,how can I do that? 3.are there any diaglos guides?
  15. the mission in the RAR is .pbo..I don't understand how to get it to work in the game