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  1. Sisko

    Windows 7 and Arma 2

    I can second this. With Vista 64 I had alot of CTD's and stuttering during gameplay. With Windows 7 64 which i've been running the last 6 days, gameplay has much improved. Runs smoother, and not a single crash yet encountered. :)
  2. Sisko

    Reloading LAV25

    Yeah found out I could reload it in the Manhattan mission by driving near the US Vehicle Ammo dump, reloads everything that way :)
  3. Sisko

    Reloading LAV25

    Is there any way to refill your ammunition stocks for the LAV25? I've gone back to Manhattan and refuelled, but I need to replenish my ammo, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do it. Any suggestions? Cheers
  4. Sisko

    Bitter Chill Spoilers

    Personally, I will prob just go back through and replay Manhattan. Now i've done a run through of it once, shouldn't take me too long to do. Father Fyodor can keep his stupid guns if he wants them that bad.
  5. Sisko

    Bitter Chill Spoilers

    I'm afraid for me its harder than that....I chose to report Father Fyodor's little weapon's cache, and the Napa guys don't seem to be too interested in taking me anywhere....or am I just supposed to follow them?
  6. Sisko

    Bitter Chill Spoilers

    I'm on Bitter Chill mission just now, and I'd like to know what's best? Should you call in the chopper or make it by your own means? I know the chopper gets shot down and then you have a blasted Hind gunship blowing the crud out of you. Is not going with the chopper the safer albeit longer way? Because I have no means to take that Hind out the sky. :(
  7. I actually rolled in with the LAV as it has a bigger gun on it than the AAPV. Blew the tank and enemy APC to pieces. Then it was just a simple case of mowing down the enemy infantry with cannon and MG fire from a long distance where their RPG's couldn't hit me. Once I realised you could destroy the tank with the LAV gun, it was very easy. Once the tank & APC were out the way, I pretty much rolled them up single handidly :) Now onto the next part of the game...Bitter Chill :D
  8. That's not a bad idea actually, using the AAPV. I'll have to drive back to FOB Manhattan to get it, but its a good idea. I'll give it a go :D
  9. Take out the main Chedaki base in the Manhattan mission once you find it? I've given the go ahead from Boomerang, my support to go in but I'm not sure where they are or even if they are attacking. I keep getting blown to pieces by the Tank the Chedaki have. Any advice guys?
  10. Sisko

    Really enjoying this!!

    Yeah it has been a joy to play as I said. Might go and have a go on it now. Need to take down that main Chedaki base, which if I remember, is not an easy thing to do. We'll see how things go. Perhaps the smoother gameplay may make it easier :)
  11. I upgraded my PC to Windows 7 Ultimate the other night, and I have to say, Arma 2's performance on W7 compared to Vista is ALOT better. When I played it on Vista, I used to get stuttering during game play and this could sometimes make it tricky to play. The CTD's also didn't help things and I stopped playing it about a month ago until the next patch was released. I am also running Arma2 with the new 1.4 patch. Gameplay has been smooth and (touch wood) i've not had a single CTD yet :) A real joy to play. I've also discovered that rolling around in an LAV-25 APC is alot better for taking out those Chedaki sentry camps than a Hummer like I was doing before. Very happy gamer here, may it continue :D
  12. I've just re-installed Arma 2 on my machine after installing Windows 7 Ultimate and I have patched to 1.4 also. Each time I try and run the game it says "conflict with emulation software detected".....i'm not running any emulation software though. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers :) EDIT: This can be locked/Deleted, i rebooted the PC, fixed the problem :)
  13. Sisko

    Saving Games CTD

    Well I'm not quite sure what to do to try and fix/solve this issue except perhaps wait for the next patch release from Bohemia.
  14. Sisko

    Saving Games CTD

    Ok, it appears I cannot go any further in the game. Every time I reach a point where it auto saves, or I save the game myself, it CTD's with the message "cannot commit" Does anyone happen to know if Bohemia are working on a fix for this issue? Thanks guys :)
  15. Sisko

    Saving Games CTD

    This is starting to frustrate me now....almost every time i want to save the game, CTD, error message of "cannot commit" :eek: