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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Two projects that a modder could work on (and would be greatly beneficial to the game), one that has probably been discussed before and another that I did a search on and came up empty. (1) Flip to Side magnifiers. Now, this has probably been discussed before, but this would be a welcome addition to the game and greatly beneficial to those running a red dot or holo sight. (2) Meprolight MOR. Sort of similar to the RDS already in the game, but is unique in that the sight contains both a visible and IR laser combo; no need for added weight with the stand alone IR laser. I don't know if it is impossible to include everything into one -- that would be up to the community. This would be awesome with the magnifier stuck behind it.
  2. Downloading now, thanks for the link!
  3. Looking forwards to seeing a qbu-88!
  4. Bracketman

    Anybody else seen snakes opening doors?

    I killed a snake with a grenade on singleplayer and it listed it as one of my kills...
  5. Not true at all. Had a hacker turn us all into seagulls yesterday after he made everyone pirouette in place (and then change the contrast/brighness of the game, write on the screen, turn the screen black, and made it so you couldn't escape out of the game). Also played with a hacker today that teleported 84 of us into the ocean only to shoot us all with a helicopter... Then went onto the next server to have a hack teleport us into the airfield where he detonated a bomb (another 40 players down). Then went onto the next server only to be killed by an aimbotter prior to even spawning.. of which everyone was bitching at him since he mowed down 20 people across the map in 5 seconds. At present, the multiplayer alpha is pretty dead (unless on a private server).
  6. Bracketman


    It can be either hacks or this 'bug' that others have found. Just got off a server where some j#rk took control and wrote on the screen "thez dev's can't make a f*ckin game", then he took control of everyones character and everyone start spinning, then changed the brightnest/contrast of the game. After doing that, the server screen went black and he wrote "do you want to be birds?", and everyone was turned into a bird. He also made it so you couldn't escape from the game (had to ctrl-alt-delete). So ya, there are hacks.
  7. Bracketman


    Yep, hacks all over. Already been turned into a bird ~10 times today. Played probably a total of 15 minutes of actual online gameplay.
  8. Yes, 3rd person kills every 1st person game. 95% of the people cannot stand that they might get shot/killed because they don't know where someone is, so they have to use god mode to see. I think with the new ability to stand in different poses/heights, 3rd person should be cut out from the majority of servers.
  9. Bracketman

    RH Mk18 1.0 pack

    One gun that you could easily mod from a pre-existing model would be the TAR-21, since you have already produced the shorter CTAR-21 version, or the STAR-21 w/ optional bipod and ACOG optics.
  10. Bracketman

    Intel i7 / Gtx2xx - Crashes

    Yep, same problem here. Happens on both single and multiplayer (both campaigns). My friend has a 4870 512mb and other older parts and his game never crashes. It is getting extremely annoying! Sometimes you can go for an hour, sometimes a few seconds. Most of the time the game crashes when it goes into "Saving Game". I7 920 D0; 6GB Corsair Dominator 1600MHz; HAF 932; EVGA 260GTX Superclocked; P6T w/ onboard sound.
  11. Bracketman

    Thai or Russian Version of the game....

    Thanks for the reply! The only reason I'm asking is because no one around here is selling the game, and if I do buy online it's still retail price, and with the extra shipping cost, it isn't worth it at the moment. Alot of various Ebayers have thailand or russian boxed versions with claims that the game will be in English. Truthfully, I wouldn't mind if the guys were speaking in english or not during multiplayer (the voices are so bad anyways), and if the text is still in english, I shouldn't have any problems.
  12. Hi everyone, new person here looking to pick up the game, and I was wondering if it matters if someone picks up either the Thai or Russian boxed version of this game if someone was to play on American/Canadian servers? Just wondering, since each copy has an english equivalent (for single player I assume), but is there some type of block or limitation? :confused: :confused: