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    Seal team six 3

    Campaing great fun, but why use Panthera? IMHO (and with all due respect to great effort in creating Panthera), Chernarus is way, way better map to play around in. If you believe BIS, they created it based on real satellite imagery, and that piece of marketing rings true because Chernarus looks damn realistic. Elevations and depressions feel logical and real-life like.
  2. Ferrando

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Hey Bardosi, Happy New Year! Any new campaigns from you? C'mon dude, Chesty was awesome, do one more!
  3. Ferrando

    Seal team six 3

    Just finished Mission #1, on to the second one. Great work!
  4. Ferrando

    Eagle Wing (Spoiler alert!)

    9/10, just because Ed Winters is NAVY and NAVY don't have Apaches. He should be Army. Arma is not CoD, so things must be authentic. Finished w/o glitch, the part on the docks was a bit confusing, I didn't even realize I had to kill the guy in the boat. Russians did that. It was depressing to be left all alone in the world with a bunch of SPETZNAZ.
  5. Ferrando

    EW Campaign

    Awesome campaign, a bit short yes, but still very immersive. I liked the way OPFOR moved around dazed and confused because of the blast. At first I thought this was way too easy but then it started to make sense. However, why am I NAVY? NAVY don't field Apache helicopters...It's a small oversight but it still riles. Arma is not CoD so everything must be authentic. Ed Winters should be Army, piloting an Apache attached to a Joint Task Force. So, because of that I'm giving it 9/10. For BIS, keep 'em coming. You need to continue making Campaings and/or missions, this is your product and you should support it. This is akin to BMW stop producing spare parts for their cars. I love community addons and missions, but BIS must also be a part of it.
  6. Ferrando

    'Opening Shots' - SP Mission

    Sounds great! In terms of storyline, I think OPFOR structure and numbers should be unknown to Marines. I don't think USMC would send a platoon of Amtracs to counter a mechanized force w/o Cobras or priority air support, such as a pair of Harriers on call, orbiting and ready to attack. I would structure the story so that mech elements were an unexpected development that Marines need to address with what they got. In real life I think this would be dealt with from the air and/or with arty. AAVPs would move in only after mechanized vehicles were destroyed as they are poorly armored and have only limited firepower (GLs, machine guns). LAV-25s would probably engage but only if they had an element of surprise and superior firing position. If the town needed urgent reinforcement and no support was available, Marines would probably dismount and enter the town on foot, and then use the urban environment to create hasty defensive positions but only if they had sufficient number of AT weapons (Javelins, SMAWs) at their disposal to delay the enemy advance. All offensive maneouvers however would not be possible without the elimination of the mechanized threat first. The bottom line is - nobody would sacrifice Marines's lives by initiating a deliberate operation against a mechanized threat w/o the means to counter it.
  7. Ferrando

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Hi All! This weekend I have played OPFP DR for PS3 so I'd like to share some observations with you, especially those of you who have been waiting for DR as a kind of remedy for frustrations caused by all the bugs in previous versions of Arma 2. First I'd like to stress that I am in no way connected with BIS. Although I like Arma 2 very much (especially v 1.04) I was open minded as it comes to OPFP DR. I own both PC and PS3 but decided to buy PS3 version of DR to see how the console port of what is supposed to be a complex game would work. So here it goes: General gameplay. Alas, DR is not a complex game. It feels like a cross of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Band of Brothers. However, it fails to deliver the epic cinematic experience of Modern Warfare and is nowhere near as fun. Some of the missions are badly conceived and your orders border on lunacy. There is no freedom of execution, unless you want to die a thousand deaths. So you are left with no choice but to follow fairly linear waypoints that pop up on their own. Campaign so far is tedious. Also, you have no freedom to choose your equipment at the beginning of the mission. The weapons are assigned in random fashion. For instance, as a specop who is a part of the team constantly in country, in one mission you have SCAR-L and then in the next you are given SCAR-H with thermals. As the same Marine seargeant, in one mission you sport an M4 with ACOG optics and in one other you end up with an M-16 with ironsights. I don't think it works that way in real life. I fondly remember Ghost Recon AW where you could select whatever you wanted, from guns to optics, grips, GLs and whatnot. This criticism also applies to Arma2. So game designers take note...let us fight with what we want (if I were in USMC, if not issued with I would buy my own forward rifle grip because I just find shooting with it much easier.) Graphics and sound Voiceacting is poor considering the production levels. For instance, the HQ sounds sounds like a gay call center operator. Graphics is a major disappointment. Textures are too simple, terrain seems a weird combination of Hawaii and New Zealand. It's completely devoid of life and leaves you with a feeling you have invaded an alien planet. In contrast, Chernarus is spot on Eastern European theatre in which you can feel October in the air, and most importantly, the time of day has major impact on operations. In DR you don't even need NV at night!!!! In Arma2 it's adios amigos if you don't have goggles after 7pm. And try shooting with the sun in your face! Impossible! On the positive side, in DR weapons sound and look great. Physics OMG, where to begin? First thing you notice is the way your weapon sways as you walk. It's ridiculous, it's as though you are some nancy boy wearing high heels. Engagements are usually at 100-200m, to kill something beyond that is impossible. The prone enemy moves around as though sailing on the water surface. Overall, it reminded me of Delta Force for PC. I loved that game but it was released in what, 1999? The only upside is that the Humwee "feels right", similar to vehicles in Far Cry. Now, I have never driven a Humwee in real life but this is better fun than in Arma2. Conclusion DR cannot be considered a competitor to Arma2. It is in effect "a game", something you pick up at a store, pop in the PS3, grab the controller and off you go. So it's a dissapointment really. Whereas it borrows heavily from other media (notice that overall commander's call sign is "Capone", just as "Godfather" was in Generation Kill), it fails to give a nod to other succesful war movies like Modern Warfare succeeds with Black Hawk Down.
  8. I just played several missions of OP Flashpoint Dragon Rising on my PS3. I remember reading the posts about people waiting for Dragon Rising. But I can tell you it's a completely different game. It's a Call of Duty basically and can't really compete with ARMA2.
  9. Ferrando

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Amazing, amazing campaign! Congratulations for the excellent work! I found the placement of OPFOR extremely challenging as I died a hundred times. I also like the realistic employment of an USMC MEU, although I don't think they use trucks that much to move around. In particular I liked Steamroller mission, it is way better than BIS mission design. It was very cinematic to see TF Bear come rolling in. . I do have a couple of objections. First, stay off the cheesy dialogue...a USMC lieutenant would never May I suggest a sequel? Say
  10. Ferrando

    Done it at last

    I left the PC running overnight as I was tired and did not want to fight at night. :D So it was about 2300 hrs at night when I parked Team Razor back in the HQ (it was 2200 hrs in the game). So next morning, 9hrs later, its 7am in the game, a truly lovely morning, the AI had taken all of Chernarus except for the area . And oh, I had almost 250.000 USD available.
  11. Not really! I think a game like Far Cry 2 would work much better as a Vietnam game. I really like Chernarus. It's just so perfectly European, amazing scenery, landscape, it's brilliant. And because it's supposedly in the Black Sea region the scenario possibilities are endless. Why not make "Georgia 08" campaign?
  12. When you capture a city you can access the city menu. It will be enabled when you are in the vincinity of the city HQ (it's a big square on the map). When you open the city menu you will see the resource allocation slider with percentage points. By default, the city will allocate 40% of resources to defence. Click on the arrow pointing to the left until the resources for defence are 100%. You can do this in most of the cities in Badlands as you don't need that much money for unit construction anyway. You have to "live" with Razor, unfortunately. Try assigning recruited units to different color teams...play with the menus a bit.
  13. Well try playing Badlands from the start first!
  14. Ferrando

    Manhattan - Escort to LZ

    Jeez! Too complicated! And dangerous! Do this:
  15. Ferrando

    High Command instructions?

    You have to be mindful of all the other tactical considerations...terrain, timing, approach etc. Interpret the map, use maneuver. For example, in the opening attack you can position the NAPAs to attack the northern strongpoint while you should wait in the small forrest to the south. Enemy will react to NAPA attack by sending all the UAZs north. If you coordinated well you should be able to destroy them all because they will expose their flank to you. In military parlance, use NAPAs for a feint to the north while you are the main effort! You can also set the units' awareness levels, just like for your squad...if you select DANGER they will not charge mindlessly across the map. It's always a good idea to set their waypoints short of the objective and ideally in a covered position, such as in a forrest or behind some building. Also, use them to support you, and not as the main force. This will make your tasks much, much easier while it saves poor NAPAs' lives. The second time I played I lost maybe 2-3 troopers overall....So, I guess practice makes perfect! In Badlands you cannot reinforce NAPA formations, which is a shame. In DoW you can recruit a unit, select it with appropriate function key, then open COMMUNICATION, then SEND UNIT, then select 1-6 the name of commander whose formation you want to reinforce. It is more useful to remember commanders' names rather than formation numbers because it is misleading as you are F1. So formation F2 will be 1 in the radio menu. Once you have sent the unit its tab will disappear and it will automatically proceed to the position of the formation's commander.
  16. Just use the cheatcode :cool:
  17. Ferrando

    BIS single missions?

    Does anybody know how extra SP missions are unlocked? A cheatcode or what?
  18. Ferrando

    Badlands - Living to it's name. HELP!

    Nope. You'll have to revert to the beginning of Badlands and do it all over again. Do both sidequests before you conquer the last village. While you are at it you can concentrate all the troops in Rogovo and then just order them to capture the last village once you're done with the priest and the Vishonoye. Arma 2 is buggy! You need to save often!
  19. Ferrando

    Badlands - Living to it's name. HELP!

    C'mon guys it's easy! Don't stand on the road so the trucks won't hurt you. You shouldn't stay in one place for long anyway, always be moving! And yes, if you build defensive structures you need to assign a "live" soldier to man those. You "dismiss" Razor by simply telling them to move behind any barn/house/doghouse/outhouse in Stary Sobor so that you don't need to babysit them. Sadly, in Badlands you cannot reinforce NAPA squads so take good care of them. Use the troops you can recruit in Barracks, you can command up to 8 of them...F5-F10 then press F12 to access 2 more with F1 and F2 again. Just be careful when you give Regroup orders to not include Razor. Try experimenting with Team Assignment commands to create different teams (white, red, blue) although it is not very useful. In previous versions the game allowed (or was bugged to allow) construction of a Heavy Factory. Alas, not in 1.04! So then it was even easier. Patience is key. Take your time, use the AT teams that you can expend at will. My advice is to build 6 AT specialists and support those with a BRDM that you will command/drive/fire from. Use NAPAs as backup/covering fire and as soon as you defeat the counterattack send them to forrests near Rogovo to stage the next attack. Use similar tactics for Rogovo that I outlined in my post above. And finally,
  20. Ferrando

    Badlands - Living to it's name. HELP!

    Press CTRL + SPACE, this will take you into HIGH COMMAND mode and allow you to command NAPA units. They are called up with F2-4. When you take the first village, deploy the HQ. Order Razor somewhere safe and leave them there because you won't really need them and they tend to die. The following concept worked for me and my side suffered 3-4 casualties max:
  21. Also, I hope you have upgraded to 1.04
  22. Ferrando

    First mission, laser designator...

    You don't say which version of ARMA 2 you are running. It is essential to upgrade to 1.04. It is pointless to even start the 1.00 version let alone play the campaign. In my experience, 1.04 patch eliminated all the bugs reported in the forum. It is however important to save often as you need to revert because sometimes a script would not run properly. Other than that, 1.04 pretty much ironed the game out. Of course, IMHO BIS should only have released the game that was on 1.04 standard, at least.
  23. This happened to me once... You need to revert to your last save. Once you reach the car, order Razor Team in the car BEFORE you climb into the trunk. One time I entered at the same time with the rest of the team and one of the Razor Team entered as a driver...what an imbecile. And once you are in the trunk you cannot issue orders or get out again. Fortunately I had saved the game just at the time you start following NAPAs.
  24. Ferrando

    New patch 1.04

    You need a patch to download the patch! :icon_twisted: