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    Patch Breaking game exe

    Sorry for a late answer. I am using AVG 2013 I clicked on "Options" then "Advanced Settings..." Then go in "Exceptions", choose "Add exception". I chose "Folder" as a type ("File" Propably works as well, and possibly also safer). Select the path to the "Carrier Command Gaea Mission" folder (or carrier.exe file). Click ok. Now try patch the game and run it. Older versions might be a bit different if i recall, but should also be in options. Possibly under Resident shield section.
  2. runibl

    Patch Breaking game exe

    I had the same error when I tried to patch the game. But I also got an warning from AVG for "carrier.exe" file (False positive it seems). So I creating an exception for the game folder in AVG, and then patching worked for me. Might be worth checking any antivirus software you may have.
  3. Had the same for for another file. What i did was to make sure the files were still in the same sprocket download folder. For me: "C:\Users\"username"\My Documents\Sprocket\" Deleted the small md5 files but left the others alone. (Also made a backup of all the files, just in case). Then starting the sprocket download manager, it would check the files to see if they are alright. For me it would download a few bytes of one of the files, as if it wasn't completely downloaded. And that was it. Installing it this time directly from that folder, and problem was gone.
  4. I have the G15 v1 and i have set my keys as such: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/1800/82674650.jpg This works really well for commanding a team. Here's an example of one macro: http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/3892/53100862.jpg I have found that these delay settings work well for me. I got this idea of someone else, and only modified it for my own use. But if anyone wants it the profile is available here: http://www.filefront.com/user/Runibl