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  1. wardi8880

    WarFX Particles

    If possible i would also love to test this awesome mod out!
  2. wardi8880

    ARMA 2: OA Beta 72716 is up

    is anyone else getting misalignment in air vehicle? the position of the pilots head seems to be moved to the left :s
  3. awesome weapons! thanks for the hard work i particularly like the ironsight weapons :) but i did notice that aiming down the sight causes the view to zoom out rather than in??? other than this OCD-like complaint :) , an awesome pack, thanks
  4. looks awesome!!! Can't wait for this superb looking addon to be released, thanks for the effort :bounce3:
  5. looks good! excuse me if i misunderstood anything, but what are the dimensions of the map in km? because if it has a total area of 250km^2, and one side of the map is 50 km, wouldn't the other side of the map be 5km long :confused:
  6. wardi8880

    RH SMG pack 1.0

    awesome pack! thanks for all the hard work
  7. wardi8880

    RH Mk18 1.0 pack

    that eotech reticule looks so much better thanks
  8. thanks bryce, got it working :) i just had to entirely reinstall ace2 but it was worth it ;)
  9. hi, thanks for the quick reply, when i try to play the mission, it says: "cannot play...dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted ace_sys_popup" this error messager has appeared twice, first with the latest ace version (using six updater), and then when i installed ace v1.1 without six updater... :confused: hope you can help me, i really like the look of this template :)
  10. Hi, looks really good fun, but i have a problem... does this not work with ace version 1.1, since i keep getting an error saying a file has been deleted? thanks in advanced for any help
  11. wow, well i for one am grateful for all that the ace team have done, and if you feel the same you could offer some constructive criticism thanks for all your hard work ace team
  12. i love the new sounds too, :) for once im not using vopsound! same there are some mixed opinions
  13. wardi8880

    RH Aks Pack ver 1.2

    didn't acex only add certain rifles from rh ak pack? i'm pretty sure they didn't add ak74, ak47, which is a shame- i believe that is what raison wants configs for...