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    FDFmod 1.0

    Guys the mod is great thank you for your hard work, but is it possible to add english subtitles to campaign in future so non-finnish speaking players would know what is it about?
  2. tarkin92

    FDFmod for ArmA II

    Ouch I didn't notice! Great news guys! Thank you, downloading right now!
  3. tarkin92

    FDFmod for ArmA II

    Hi guys, it's great to hear that you are going to relase your mod for ArmA2, me and my friends had TONS of fun with it, we could feel the great atmosphere of this mod even though we are not Finnish :) I have a very good memories - I played my first coop on this mod and I'm about to go on a nostalgia trip :D I have a question about campaign, first FDF mod campaign - the one with Petri Honka was a masterpiece, maybe there wasn't many fireworks but storyline kept me on the edge of my chair for the most of the time. What about new campaign? Are any details avaliable, how many mission it will have, or will it continiue Petri Honka story?
  4. Hi guys Firstly, I would like to thank peopole from INV44 for making such a wonderful mod. It is my first mission ever relased on internet, it may be noobish so please be easy on me:) It is a simple mission, it has intro, brefing , overview and outro (which sucks but I was too tired to make better one - sorry). In this mission you are a Sherman tank commander and you have to capture village. Known Bugs: Objectives doesn't tick after completing. I don't know if it's bug but you have to kill wounded enemy soldiers otherwise mission will not proceed I used I44 wound script because I find it very cool. Here are the screens: and here is the mission: http://www.2shared.com/file/7TjdhhVX/Hard20dayChernarus.html ps. sorry for my bad english but i am still learning.
  5. And we get to the point, ppl do not want some "mini-campaings". We want long, OFP style campaigns with lovable / hateable characters not some soulless robots from SF who are pwnig everyone around without blinking. We want missions like the one where you navigate using stars, not some chaotic , action paced madness, I have call of duty for that...
  6. Maaaan you're genius, if you ever come near Opole I owe you a beer :D
  7. Ouch man I understand you, I updated my gaming rig for ARMA 2 but,... before... that was a wild ride:D 5 fps in Zelenogorsk:D
  8. tarkin92

    Eye of the Typhoon

    Why don't you get in the gunner seat and control driver by giving him orders using arrow keys? Should be fine...
  9. Well I'm old school all the way :D I don't feel good when I have too many soldiers to control but it's subjective feeling. And about desert warfare, well I guess we can't come to agreement in that matter because we have significantly different likings :D I just prefer to see familiar landscape, plus I love to stealth in forest with my NV Goggles on and panickly look for spetsnaz :D anyway that only shows how great game is ARMA 2 becuse it different people different tastes :)
  10. Yes, I totally agree with you about SP missions, they are great. Very climatic, you can really get the feel. Well, looks like you were lucky with that campaign, there's a lot of ppl who are complaining about poor AI, not checking the objectives etc. Although I can't agree with you about amount of missions in OFP , there are excatly 41 missions and I am pretty sure of it:) Yes, they are playable in coop from very different perspective , but there was a time when we had damn good campaign for single player. And now all I get are few buggy missions without story. For me story is the key in campaing, OA lacks it - even Harvest Red was better. I will allow myself to quote very wise post written by NodUnit in CWR thread.
  11. Well I have very mixed feelings about campaign and whole expansion... On the one hand it has very nice features like FLIR, bagpacks, nice weapons, overall it's huge improvment to the gameplay itself, BUT on the other hand campaign is a joke... 8 missions?! Come on... original OFP campaign had 40! Well it wouldn't be so bad if these missions were good but they are buggy as hell... tank missions with AI not able to function right in desert terrain , or infranty crawling from one village to another because of some randomly placed Taki soldier 2 km away... , whole campaign feels to be made under time pressure and not tested by anyone. Another thing which I dislike are maps.. they are just too small! And well...maybe it's subjective but for me they are just boring... I hate desert warfare it is very repetitive it doesn't have original OFP missions climax , thing which really got me in that series in OA there are only monutains, few copy&paste buildings on claustrophobic map. Chernarus was a LOT better..., of course I understand that there are ppl who like this type of terrain, don't feel insulted I just describe my personal feelings :) Anyway I bought it and I play it cuz it's a BIS work which make the game cool, no matter where it takes place;)
  12. Hi guys I have a significant problem with my briefing - I've made a mission, saved it to Scenarios and now mission starts without displaying briefing in the beginnig. This is kinda strange because when you tap "M" you can actually see the briefing... here's brefing code.
  13. Hi guys I have a question, how can I save mission I made in editor to single missions. If I just choose "Save in missions folder" the mission called let's say Hind Attack saves as "Hind%20Attack.chernarus" which is very ugly :( How can I make the mission name to display properly?
  14. Geez maan! I've been wondering for what this "Name" thing is since OFP golden times :D Thank you very much , that helped :)
  15. Yup but some user-made missions can be named properly, you just go to the "Scenarios" and see My Uber Mission not My%20Uber%20Mission.chernarus
  16. But will that solve ".chernarus'? Tried that earlier, doesn't work either - just causes mission to disappear from my scenarios.
  17. I have been making a mission for past 2 weeks. Recently I can't load it :butbut: Always when i'm pressing "preview" button, it shows me loading screen and when it is 1/2 done the game crashes to a desktop. There is no error message or anything. Nothing at all. I'm using only Modern Polish army and police addon from Villas and Jon's editor update, these addons had never made any problems before. No scripts were used yet, only the triggers. Please help, I put much effort in making that mission.:(