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  1. Grek8899

    MVD (Tropical Camo)

    Good! :) Would be nice to see Spetsnaz in some lighter camos like this. well congrats on your release...
  2. Grek8899

    MVD (Tropical Camo)

    Does MVD is still using it?
  3. Grek8899

    MVD (Tropical Camo)

    They look good! But is there a picture of MVD in this camo so i have something to compare them with?
  4. ops, yeah i just compared them. I was wrong, i am sorry. they kind of look like it from a long range. Forget i said anything *hides*
  5. The have VDV marks on their left arm, you should replace that if they are gonna be Motorized troops...
  6. Grek8899

    Ambient Combat Module

    Kartamm script in the end of page 21... I tried it with different factions, intansety etc... And it worked very well. Got some good firefights. But for some reason its not workin if my unit is in a group. :(
  7. Grek8899

    Ambient Combat Module

    Finaly scripts that work... :D Was waiting for a long time for this... And its very very intens battles...