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    Revive Script

    So I have 2 helicopters and 4 soldiers that are playable. The problem I am having is the 2 helicopter names don't seem to work on the crew inside them. I would just create an empty vehicle and put in individual soldiers to make it work but when I do the helicopters don't unload transport very well but they do when I use a preloaded one. So does anyone know how I would name the individual crew members inside a preloaded vehicle so I can get the revive script to work on them?
  2. I use fraps to take a screen shot and make small movies since I use the free version.
  3. shanawa

    Little Birds in ArmA2

    On the AH-6 I had a pilot moveinDriver and tried getting another one in the 2nd spot. I tried moveincargo, driver, commander, and gunner but couldn't get any of them to work. Am I missing something? This was on the standalone version. EDIT Nevermind the seat got filled. I was seeing another squad member and thinking it was the extra pilot.
  4. I just wanted to say that I couldn't figure out how to get this to work. I followed everything and when I hit escape I never saw the editor. Then I figured it out. I always go to multiplayer mode when using the editor. If I go to singleplayer then it works. Just wanted to point that out if anyone had the same problem. Also how can I move a unit up and down? I want to set up some soldiers inside a 3 story building and they only get placed on ground level. I take it I have to add setpos in the init line to change the height? Was hoping there was a way to raise them up and down with a key. EDIT: Found it had to hold down the ctrl key.
  5. Trigger: Civilian/ Present/Once On Act: {_x addeventhandler ["killed", {[_this select 0, _this select 1] execVm "death.sqf"}]} foreach thislist; death.sqf _Civ = _this select 0; _west = _this select 1; hint format["A %1 was killed by %2",_civ,_west]; sleep 5; if (side _west == west) then { endmission "end1"; };
  6. shanawa


    I couldn't find a way. I couldn't even get the K9 to domove to the player or dofire or even assign it waypoints.
  7. Thanks. Wouldn't I have to name each unit and run a separate check for each unit? I don't know of a way to ask logically if any units knowsabout then report name of said unit. The biki on knowsabout says Number = unit knowsAbout target . So I would then have to name each unit and run a check on them individually. On activation: kv1 = e1 knowsabout p1; kv2 = e2 knowsabout p1; if (kv1>0) then {hint"e1 knows about p1";}; if (kv2>0) then {hint"e2 knows about p1";}; This works on a simple utes test with 2 soldiers. But I was looking for an easier way like how the killed event handler reports unit killed and the killer, I was hoping something would report the detector and the detected.
  8. I didn't see any event handlers that would help me on this one. I can make a seperate trigger for each player and report that the player was detected but I'm not sure how to have 1 trigger report which ai detected which player. Currently I have a trigger for each player BLUFOR/DETECTED by OPFOR/ ONCE: Condition: p1 in thislist Activation: hint"Player 1 has been detected.";
  9. Ya I noticed that as well. Most likely you will have to use attachto I haven't messed with it yet but there's lots of posts on it. Example scripts that use the attachTo command
  10. How about dotarget and then dofire ? bomber1 dotarget building1; bomber1 dofire building1;
  11. Found a few more US weapons that are in the game. I do have a question, in the briefing I don't see the description info on weapons/magazines. When you select a weapon in game from the gear window it gives you info about it in the lower left window but that doesn't seem to work for me at the beginning briefing. Am I missing something? class Weapons { class G36 {count = 6;}; class M136 {count = 6;}; class M9 {count = 6;}; class M9SD {count = 6;}; }; class Magazines { class 15Rnd_9x19_M9 {count = 36;}; class 15Rnd_9x19_M9SD {count = 36;}; };
  12. The mission that I've been working on for the past 3 weeks is a night mission tho I've been running it with daylight for most of the time. I was running it at night and noticed the grass was lit up like a bright moon glow with my nightvision on and when I turned the corner I saw a big blinding glow. I took off my nightvision and I still could see the grass and a glow tho nothing was around to cause that. I ran a blank Utes map to make sure and yup its real dark there normally. So I removed all fog and made it clear, deleted a weather module, deleted a light tower that I created light and none of that was it. Then I found it. A searchlight at a height of 26m is shining 450 meters away through a 40m tall hillside. Is there a way to fix this with script or is it a known bug/issue? This is off ver 1.3 btw. GLOW: GRASS: MAP:
  13. So I've searched and researched and can't figure out how to simplify this. Currently I have 5 bargates that animate when certain opfor and independent vehicles approach. I didn't want to set the trigger for opfor detection because then the guards nearby would keep it open. So I originally grouped every vehicle with its own trigger at each bargate. That means 5 triggers per vehicle. With 10 vehicles I have alot of group lines and triggers. Then I found out I could use thislist in the trigger and not have to group triggers to vehicles but just name them. The problem is I can only figure out how to add 2 vehicles per trigger. I'm looking to find a way to either detect only opfor and independent vehicles or a way to add more names to the condition field or both so I know how to :). In my current trigger I have Activation: ANYBODY,PRESENT, REPEATEDLY And in the Condition field: {vehicle _x == patrol1 || vehicle _x == patrol2} count thislist >0 On Act. bargate5 animate ["bargate",0]; On Dea. bargate5 animate ["bargate",1];
  14. I figured out how to do it. I added a setcaptive to make him a hostage so no one shoots him. // Credits to Wiper on bistudio.com forums for helping me with this! ~Raddik c130j1SPAWN_Pos=[(getmarkerpos "c130j1SPAWN") select 0,(getmarkerpos "c130j1SPAWN") select 1,((getmarkerpos "c130j1SPAWN")select 2)+100]; waituntil {!isNil "bis_fnc_init"}; GroupEAIR10 = createGroup resistance; c130j1= ([c130j1SPAWN_Pos, 0, "c130j", GroupEAIR10] call BIS_fnc_spawnVehicle) select 0; c130j1 setVehicleVarName "c130j1"; [color="Red"]c130j1 setcaptive true;[/color] wp1= GroupEAIR10 addWaypoint [(getmarkerpos "c130j1TARGET"), 0]; wp1 setWaypointSpeed "FULL"; wp1 setWaypointType "getout";