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  1. What made you go from ArmA1 to ArmA2? (If you played ArmA1) Also, you'll have another year to play OA. It's not like ArmA3 is coming out in 2 months.

    Any planes or jets?

    I agree. Some people here believe that in order for BI to improve one thing, something else will have to suffer. I highly doubt that BI would neglect infantry and armor to work on aircraft. I'm sure BI is fully capable of improving all three.

    Do you want Laaagdoll Physics in ArmA 3?

    Walker likes ArmA2's lack of physics. What can I say, it is funny shooting a soldier with a tank round and seeing him fly into the air as stiff as a 2x4.

    Any planes or jets?

    What if BI weren't to improve them and just leave them in the game? Would you still have a problem with that? I mean, it's not like anyone is forcing you to take to the sky. You can stay on the ground as much as your heart desires.

    Any planes or jets?

    "Flight sims are extremely difficult to make... it is just too much work for BI to do at once. I'd rather have them get armor and infantry right." "As for aircraft, I don't even know where to begin. There is so much to do... radar modes, weapons, flight model, ect." "Once they improve the infantry and armor until it is near perfect, they can pick up flyable aircraft again." I guess I figured you were just against aircraft in general. You said you want BI to focus on infantry and armor. I figured you just put user controlled rotor wing aircraft on the chopping block like user controlled fixed wing aircraft. After all, rotor wing aircraft would need a TON of improvements too, like the examples you gave earlier, which would take time away from infantry and armor. Suury I guews Imma jus a stoooopid puerson hu dooesnent nowes anythung abouwt inglish:butbut:
  6. I just want to know if we finally have x-ray vision. It's plausible at that time in the future. Isn't it? As long as I can run into combat with an M4, I'll be happy.

    Any planes or jets?

    You advocated the removal of all user controlled aircraft. Basically, that's removing aircraft. It seems your memory is worse than my English comprehension skills. Here's a couple qoutes: "I would be happy if they didn't bother with fixed wing aircraft and focused on the armor and infantry." "For AI? They are a must. Controllable? Skip them and work on the infantry." Now, to clear up some confusion, by fixed wing aircraft, do you mean only fixed wing aircraft? Or rotor wing as well? Because rotor wing aircraft would need just as much work as fixed wing aircraft. Also, if all rotor wing aircraft were to be AI controlled, will an AI Blackhawk pilot be able to land my squad where ever I want them? If I want my squad dropped on a roof or dropped in a tight area, will that AI pilot be able to do what I want him to do? I highly doubt it. Therefore, I would consider AI controlled rotor wing aircraft to be mostly useless. One last thing. You shouldn't throw around personal insults like that, especially considering that I didn't say anything that even remotely resembles a personal insult to you.

    Any planes or jets?

    Yea, that's a great idea! Lets remove all aircraft. I really like the idea of having to ride in the back of an MRAP on the way to an AO for 45 minutes or walk an hour and a half before I see any action.
  9. Sweet. I figured it out. In the domination.takistan folder, I had another folder containing all the files. I got rid of that extra folder and now it works. Thanks a lot for your help.
  10. Ok, I'll test it out. ---------- Post added at 12:02 ---------- Previous post was at 11:53 ---------- Hmm. Well, extracting the files to that location made it so domination is selectable in the mission editor. However, when I select the mission, it states: Warning! Files are read only. I went to the domination folder and unselected "read only" but it didn't change anything.
  11. I've tried everything with CPBO and it doesn't work. That's why I am using Pbo View. I can open the Pbo with that program but I am not sure what files to use and where those files go so I can access the mission in the mission editor. ---------- Post added at 22:20 ---------- Previous post was at 22:16 ---------- This is all the files/folders that ArmA Pbo Viewer shows when I open the mission pbo. I'm wondering what I have to do with all of these in order to get the mission into the mission editor.
  12. Hey guys. I need to edit a MP mission that my friend let me download. After many frustrating, failed attempts with CPBO, I was told that Pbo View could do the same thing. I was able to open up the Pbo file. However, now I don't know where to extract all these files to so I can edit the mission in the mission editor. Could someone direct me? Thanks. Oh, I have Windows 7 also.

    Unit Placement Troubles

    AZ, that was my problem, thanks a lot.
  14. Hey guys, for the life of me, I can't figure this one out so I'm coming here for help. When I plop units such as helicopter or armor on a map, they end up in completely different spots than I intended them to be. For example, I plopped a helicopter on the runway and when I previewed the map, the helicopter was stuck in the control tower about 100m away. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.