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    i was in the army as a private 1st class

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  1. Dennistp

    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM)

    i like it very much too, but why the City camo "gray,black and White" for your future soldiers ??
  2. Dennistp

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Looks amazing man :) cant wait to kill "pirates" there :D
  3. wow good job :) keep it up, and let more great and bigger Island come to arma 3 :D
  4. Dennistp

    SOC WIP Thread

    Looks great :)
  5. Dennistp

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Wups, sorry man :) my fault ;) What about the Danish M/84 camo ?? :D i can come up with some pics if you want :)
  6. Good job :) cant wait to try them out, i think they fit perfect in to arma 3 and the story behind it :)
  7. Dennistp

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Love your work my friend, but please add a Multicamo version also of the tent please :)
  8. wow great Work, really looking forward for that... RAMBO GO HOME, we have mrflay now ;)
  9. Dennistp

    RH Pistol pack

    great great great :) could you make a Neuhausen (Sig P210) ?? that would be lovly :D all the best Dennis
  10. Dennistp

    astast: WIP Thread

    Yea looking good, keep it up ;)
  11. Dennistp

    ADF Uncut

    You are good :) great textures, if i just had your skills :)
  12. Dennistp

    ADF Uncut

    Great Work :) looking forward for some more cool stuff :)
  13. Dennistp

    astast: WIP Thread

    Looks great astast :) godt arbejde..
  14. Dennistp

    Removing items

    Thanks :) i try that out
  15. Dennistp

    H&K USP 9 mm Pistol

    Great, i love it, i have a few requests if possible.. Make the Compact version also ?? and maybe a TAN (the upper slide is a TAN color) ?? Would be nice :) Dennis