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  1. Quick question. I've placed a few objects down on some uneven terrain with Align to Terrain disabled, then I saved the build to a mission.sqm file. When I loaded the mission, the objects were aligned to the terrain and misaligned. Is it possible to have the Align to Terrain function carry over to saving the mission.sqm, or am I missing a step? Also, I'm not sure if you're considering this feature, but one thing that would make managing missions much simpler would be adding the capability to delete dead bodies from the Delete brush. Thanks.
  2. I was having this issue as well, but it was not related to MCC. Double check the mission in the game's 2D editor, check Intel and make sure that Independents are not set to BLUFOR friendly. I believe they are by default.
  3. Been having an issue with A3MP objects in the 3D Editor. Here's a link to some screenshots. Some object names won't display in the drop-down menu, but the objects can still be selected and are place-able. This issue only seems to occur with A3MP objects, however, I did not have this issue when using MCC 3.
  4. Spirit/Shay, Just wanted to give you guys an update since talking to you on YouTube. The most recent version of MCC has fixed the issue we talked about with GAIA causing massive delays in the console. I've got a question and a couple of suggestions for possible additions: I've been noticing that some group indicators turn white, but I'm not entirely sure why. Is this an intentional feature? If so, what does the change in color indicate? Is an Apply button necessary to apply changes to units in the 3D Editor, as it was in MCC 3's 3D Editor? There have been a couple of times where I've been unsure if my changes have been applied to a unit when using MCC 4. I figure hearing straight from the source would be the best route. I'm not aware of what you guys have planned for the 3D Editor, so if you have something in mind that contradicts this next suggestion, feel free to ignore it. Would it be possible to move the Close button closer to the rest of the 3D Editor menu? Example. A couple of things that would make MCC even more convenient for me/MCC operators to create or edit missions on-the-fly. Adding the following options to the drop-down Presets menu in the 3D editor: Remove Weapons/Assigned Items from target, disable this target's AI movement, and disable simulation or damage. Having a preset to disable simulation would save me an absolute ton of time when attempting to furnish buildings or other areas. The amount of time it takes currently is one of the reasons why I avoid trying to in the first place. I say it every time, but keep up the good work. MCC has become an invaluable tool to a lot of us, and your effort is much appreciated.
  5. Hey Shay, Just wanted to give you some feedback on the new version. - I'd much prefer to have the ability to close the 3D Editor Menu via right-clicking. With the current setup (pressing X to close), it makes it difficult to edit a unit's INIT line and close it with X. To get around this issue, I have to open and close one of the drop-down menus to close it. Possibly bring back the Apply button? - The layout of the 3D Editor menu on the left side feels large. It takes up more vertical space than it needs, considering the size of the menu itself. Could this be shrunk down to occupy less screen space? - The compass and minimap on the 3D Editor are outstanding. One of my pet peeves from the older MCC versions was losing track of where I was with the Editor and having to close it down to find out what I was looking at. An excellent change. - Would it be possible to have menus close when opening up a new menu? For example, if I open up the Weather menu, then open up the Mission Settings menu, one will overlap. I will echo one thing that Byrnze has said. Thanks for all the hard work. It's appreciated more than you know.
  6. Yup, I've given both of those a shot and it seems to work, but only on units that have not been placed yet. Any unit that existed before the trigger went off still won't fire on any Resistance members. Any that are placed afterwards (via MCC) will properly engage Resistance members.
  7. Hey everyone. I've been trying to find a method to adjust a faction's relations during a mission. Currently, the player is currently a member of the Guerrilla faction. For the purposes of the mission, he needs to be friendly with OPFOR until a specific point in the mission, at which time OPFOR units will begin to react hostilely to the members of the Guerrilla faction. I've checked around on the forums, but haven't seen something that's worked for me yet. I've tried a couple of things so far: 1) Creating a trigger to execute a script that adjusts faction relations via "Resistance setFriend [EAST, 0];". Haven't had much success with that method. The OPFOR AI won't change their demeanor towards the Guerrilla faction and won't fire upon them. 2) Tried setting the player's side to OPFOR, then make them join the Guerrilla side at a certain triggered point. Similar to the above method, the OPFOR AI won't engage the player or the Guerrilla faction members. I'm not sure if this is due to an AI issue or if it's operator-error on my part. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Looks like running it on a MP mission solves the issue. Thanks Shay! :)
  9. Anyone else having trouble issuing waypoints via the Group Generator in the mod version? The AI don't seem to respond to any waypoints I try to set down. Just wondering if it's something with the new version or something on my end.
  10. Thanks for all the effort you guys put into this mod. Makes the game so much more enjoyable. Looking forward to the new version. :cool:
  11. FrostOX9

    FHQ M4 for Arma 3 (Prerelease)

    I've also noticed that the sounds have a strange muting effect going on when firing. Seems to lower the volume of any non-weapon for a split second as you fire.
  12. FrostOX9

    AT4 Ammo Use

    I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that the AT4/M136 takes up 6 full slots per missile. I know that the whole point of the 6slot use of the missile is to make it seem as if the AT4 is disposable, just like in real life. However, the AT4 is pre-loaded. The missile never has to be taken out and placed into the launcher. There needs to be a way to make the AT4 unable to reload. Is there some sort of edit that BIS can do as far as the AT4 goes? 6 slots are far too valuable to waste (considering how weak the AT4 is in-game). Hopefully the launcher can become a single-shot item that doesn't take up any space except for the second weapon slot.