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  1. BTW: Yoma Repro under http://www.computerrepair.uk.net/updater/ArmA2-repo.7z is down, Server http://www.computerrepair.uk.net doesent exist anymore.
  2. Can anyone delete this linked videos please, i cant see any reason to place them in this topic - and in no other topic in ArmA...
  3. After installing ARMA2_Build_69645: White / invisible Ground-Texture in certain view angels. Nvidia System-Information: Arma2.cfg: Arma2Profile:
  4. Krieger

    CRcti Proman

    Every side has one commander and Teamleader Slots. For example: If there is no human commander on east side, an east AI commander gives orders to the AI Teamleaders to conquer the island or for exmple to find the enemy base. The AI commander will build the base for east side too. So if the west side slots are filled by human players they can conquer the island and fight against east AI players and the resistance in towns.
  5. Krieger

    CRcti Proman

    Yes, thumbs up for Mücke! He is one of the rare OFP Veterans that keeps the real CR-CTI alive!! And yes, its the best CTI in ArmA2 because its an CR-CTI - ! @CR: Nice to see you here! I will never forget the hours i played your CTIs in OFP - Thanx!
  6. I am so happy about this beta, waiting so long for it.. Big thanks again! Someone said to use the Six Updater, but i don't think this method is not really comfortable. Please take a look at Yoma Addon Sync: http://www.yomatools.be/ It is much more userfriendly and other Mods are downloadable too with this. For example i update ACE with one Klick after Yoma Sync is started.
  7. Yes! Big thanx to the developers of CSM!!! You are unbeatable!!
  8. I have tryed all available Sound-Mods for Arma2, but they arent like Chammys earlier releases! Still alive Chammy? ;-) Cheers!
  9. Krieger


    Hello! Its an verry useful Tool, but..can i use it in a Multiplayer Mission? I have a strange behavior in a CTI Mission with some AI's and tryed to use this tool, but i did not get it to work. Thx for your work! Cheers
  10. Krieger

    Self-arming AI

    Thx, Great Addon! With VFAI we almost had an ammo bug in our CTI missions (if u rearm, many magazines placed on the ground). Do you tested MP compatibility?
  11. I am happy to hear about the upcomming release!! CSM is my favorite!!! Thx!