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  1. Njayjay

    SP - Sting Of The Scorpion

    whats mercenaries 5.0?
  2. Njayjay

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    The last mission in this is driving me mad, I try to tell the APC's, humvee's and other squads to do something, and they'll just wander around pretty much ignoring my commands, dispersing all over the place. I think I will just send them straight into the shit and let them have it because it's pretty annoying trying to command them.
  3. Njayjay

    SP - Operation Iron Fist series

    Fuck!! First mission is pure hell, some real chaotic stuff and real good atmosphere, great production too. Shortly after they breach the east wing however, my system starts chugging severely so I wasn't able to really sample it. Gonna try it again later with less background processes running.
  4. Njayjay

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Looking forward to this too! Would using ACE balance the issue of AK107 vs M16A4?? Just a thought.
  5. How the hell do I download this? My six-updater only downloads ACE files. Is there some kind of secret to this I'm missing? Is it too much to ask for a clear, step-by-step set of instructions since you can't even use a direct link?
  6. Njayjay

    SEAL Team Six

    I hope to get back into these soon, right now I'm playing chesty puller since i've been in the mood for more large-scale combat. Gonna start ST6 campaign 3 soon.
  7. Can someone give me a short guide on using the HuntIR system? Seems when after firing the round and pulling up the display I get no signal, every time.
  8. Njayjay

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Try placing a friendly squad vs enemy squad out in the open in the editor at about 150-200m distance. Let them open up. Don't fire any shots, just observe how inaccurate the bastards are. Especially note how rarely an enemy dies. Rather, bullets spray wildly all around them. If you can confirm this is not the case, then I guess I broke something in my settings or something. Try not to get killed/hit, and notice the engagement will take up at least a few minutes of what amounts to little more than ammo-wasting.
  9. You can make it so at the very least the enemy units become "alerted" when hearing the friendly gunfire and go into combat mode, take cover, etc.
  10. Njayjay

    SP - Operation Jackal's Hunt

    I switched to an M4 but the HuntIR display is not showing anything after firing the round. Any idea whats up?
  11. Njayjay

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    My teammates are just as bad as the enemy it seems, on a squad vs squad scenario at 150-200m I end up taking down the most enemies (especially with scope) because they are such bad shots, bullets will land everywhere all around the target while I just ACOG snipe everything. ---------- Post added at 03:23 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:20 AM ---------- Yes I backed this up in the editor, I end up killing everything on a squad vs squad scnarario because my teammates will just spray bullets wildly everywhere while missing targets standing right out in the open.
  12. Njayjay

    SP - Operation Jackal's Hunt

    Whats up with the blue hue in this mission is that some kind of movie effect? Also HuntIR isnt working for me.
  13. Can you reload saves after shutting down game now without losing ACE bindings? Thx
  14. Njayjay

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Sorry but this mod works on a stupid premise. It basically makes it so the AI cant hit the broad side of a barn, for the sake of "immersion". This is directed at the maker, who seems to be an arrogant prick and conveniently dodges questions or suggestions about improving the accuracy. He thinks realism is happily prancing around unharmed with bullets whizzing past your head every which way, as in a movie. You can forget about snipers and marksmen. Deleting this crap. Now how the hell do I restore my profile settings.
  15. SNKMAN my question is if the enemy AI will react to the gunfire of other enemy AI, as was mentioned before. Right now they only react to gunshots from an opposing side. I'm wondering if now the AI will react to hearing the gunshots of their own side too (when within the detection range). In other words will they investigate friendly gunfire when they hear it? I don't know how to word this question any other way.