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  1. Spec.OPS

    B-52 Buff - Bomber

    Hi. How can i load this bird with bombs? Because my ammo is always red "0" :confused:
  2. Spec.OPS

    Recording screen

    Bump :confused:
  3. Spec.OPS

    Recording screen

    Thanks but there are "www.fraps.com" text, visible framerate couter and I can record only for 30 seconds because i'm using free fraps :( Therefore i want to record screen with Camtasia Studio because it cost me money
  4. Spec.OPS

    Recording screen

    Hi. Is there any way to record screen in ArmA 2 with Camtasia Studio? Because its record only black screen and Fraps generate f***ing BIG files and kills framerate :(:confused: Thanks for answer sorry i'm not english. i hope you understand me:o
  5. Spec.OPS

    How old are Arma2 Players?

    I'm 17, almost 18 :) Create a poll: e.g. below 15 15-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 50 and above ;)
  6. Hi. I'm new in ArmA II... So when i download a mission and extract the pbo file to my ArmA2\Missions folder, how can i play it? There's no "cipher" mission in Campaign or scenarios menu... :confused: Sorry for my dumb question :D
  7. Hi. Can I edit a map from "ctrl+e 3d editor" in the classic ingame 2d editor? When I trying to load that map it says Warning: File is read only :confused: I'm build a millitary base in 3d editor (ctrl+e) but now i want to edit it in standard ingame editor :confused: I'm using a 3d editor because standard editor is very buggy. For example: Here and here or Here and here ...and there are many many other bugs. I hope that bugs and many other ingame bugs will be fixed soon. Sorry for my english :D