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  1. I know about the mod but have tried to stay with the official game so far. Don't get me wrong...I really like the game and only want to see it given the attention I feel it deserves. I guess that's why I get so frustrated. The auto resume can make for some really ridiculous outcomes. A good example is hauling a Walrus to the Command Center to take it over. I have had so many experiences where I drop the Walrus then switch to it to begin the hacking cycle and meantime the Manta goes off chasing a droid that fired what amounts to an annoyance of small arms fire. So the Manta then comes into the sights of a fixed flak cannon or Walrus similarly equipped (maybe even missiles) and that's the end of the Manta. And I could go on. I just wish the game could be given a good work over to clear these sorts of issues up.
  2. I'm probably the only person still playing this game or at least one of very few. I just lost a Manta due to the crazy AI system built into the functionality. I get very angry when this happens in the last moments of taking an island. All that work down the drain! But each time it happens it also makes me want to come here and post. So here I am. I play the game regularly enough that I don't lose my control skills. I know all the islands like the back of my hand and how to dismantle their defenses (or simply ignore them when possible). If the islands are Very Strong or Deadly and you do not have max armor and weapons it can be very tedious and hair pulling to defeat the defenses. I keep playing this game because I am a veteran gamer who has lived through the whole gaming experience since the early 70's, I first played Carrier Command on my Amiga 500 back in 1988. I found it at a small Mom and Pop computer store in Salem, NH. I was stunned at what it offered. It clearly was way ahead of its time. I want Gaia Mission to be the same experience in terms of immersion and complexity. It is a "not quite there" sort of game at this point. This version is visually stunning. The weather system could use some tweaking. It's weird to land a Manta in a storm, then launch a new one and it be sunny and clear. My main problem though is the AI and the damage effects. The AI is supposed to enable you to set up clever approaches to attacking an island and/or defending your units as they proceed in their attack. But currently the AI would have a hard time winning at a game of "Find your foot" or "Peek-A-Boo". So you need to play each unit manually unless the coast is clear and you're simply heading back to refuel/re-arm or maybe take a neutral island. The auto-resume feature also should be something you can switch off. It's so infuriating to switch units and have the attended unit head right into certain destruction. I think it was admirable for the developers to try and accomplish an AI oriented game seeing for example, what they did with Operation Flash Point. But they left the game in a half-baked state. I wish they had enough integrity or I don't know, "embarrassment perhaps?" to finish what they started...if for no other reason than to fulfill the wishes of a lot of people who blindly trusted they would deliver a product that was a credit to the original. The other problem is the damage model. I can take multiple hits from a flak cannon against the shields and armor of the Manta. But just touch a tree branch and the shield is gone instantly most times. What's up with that? I know there are a lot of other issues that could be dealt with if it were to happen. But I can only hope to be surprised at this point.
  3. If you mean the Mining, Factory or Defense capsules...load whatever you want a neutral island to become and use the walrus to transport it to the command center which needs to be built.
  4. I'm hoping there's a tweak somewhere to fix the ridiculous damage from bumping into a tree branch or the side of a hill. I can take several hits from a flak cannon or plasma but just bumping into a tree branch once strips half my armor. I don't know how many times I have died as a result of bumping into a tree while trying to escape a missile or flak walrus. It's extremely frustrating.
  5. I have played several more strategy games. The carrier stuck behavior varies. Sometimes the carrier will capture from 2 to several islands and then stop. Once I get close to them it resumes. As soon as I detect the lack of carrier activity I start a new game.
  6. I will have to play the original again and check out the behavior. I have the Amiga version but not sure if that would be important.
  7. For me, the new CC:GM is focused on island taking. The enemy carrier has never posed a challenge when encountered. It is mainly an annoyance taking islands and interrupting the flow of my own strategy. The biggest challenge for me is enemy walruses equipped with missiles or flak cannons. They are real buggers to clear out. I wish it were more easy to feel the choke off of resources due to the enemy carrier's successful activities. I clearly remember that being a big part of the original game. Once you were on the short end of the balance it was very difficult to recover and make a comeback.
  8. I'm playing my second strategy game using the latest beta patch. The first game seemed to be okay. But with the second, the barque has hung up on nearly every island (over 14 islands captured so far). The enemy carrier captured 7 islands and then stopped while I continued capturing neutral islands for myself. I now have nearly half the islands and the enemy carrier has resumed. Not sure what this is indicating but thought I would report it. Another thing while I'm at it...the Mantas on enemy islands are now always parked on the ground. They launch as you get close to the base where they are stationed and attack. This is okay except I can now use my Manta with hook to ferry a walrus to the enemy command center after clearing it of defenses (and a clear path from my carrier to the command center exists). Mantas on other island bases will continue to sit on the ground instead of coming to defend the command center from being hacked as they did in the past. The enemy ground units still continue to come to the base and prevent you from hacking but they are usually too late.
  9. My compliments to the folks working on the improvements. With the latest patch the CC strategy game is starting to feel like the original. The enemy carrier's behavior and the strength of its islands is keeping me very busy and thwarting my plans! Thanks to you all.
  10. scrapser

    Development stopped?

    I'm playing through a strategy game with the latest patch. The carrier behavior has definitely changed and is more aggressive. The enemy islands are also harder to defeat. I don't mean their rating has increased...I mean the rating itself seems to be a bit stiffer to overcome. Something else, too...I see Mantas sitting on the ground now and not flying until you attack or come within range of them. I used to arrive at islands and they would all be circling around in the sky.
  11. I have the latest patch that was released a couple days ago. The barque will still stop at some islands and not move until you get far enough away from the island (outside the save game trigger I think).
  12. scrapser

    Development stopped?

    I think it's important not to read anything into the situation. Of course people will speculate. But the outcome can often be surprising. I check here every couple days to see what's up. I'm going to finish a strategy game tonight and start another fairly soon. I do look forward to whatever comes in the future though...just like anyone else.
  13. Is this a known bug? I never had this problem with previous versions.
  14. The enemy carrier sitting on its hands seems to be happening quite often of late. I had to start a new strategy game 6 time before it played "normal". Another thing I'm seeing now is the barque returning to the stockpile island instantly after dropping off its load. Doesn't happen frequently but enough to notice.